DIY Photo Graduation Party Decorations & Momentos

DIY Photo Graduation Party Decorations & Momentos

One of my great pleasures was making high school senior recognition, prom and graduation party decorations for my sons.


Breaks my heart thinking of this year’s grads and their families. But, it’s inspiring seeing so many students, parents, teachers and administrators finding unique ways to celebrate and make graduation special.

Today, I’ll  show you how to make a tabletop graduation party decoration using photographs. Although I made mine primarily as centerpieces, they also look great on a mantle, buffet or accent table.

Using pictures of the graduate personalizes the decorations. After the party, they also make wonderful keepsakes for the grad, mom and dad, and grandparents.

Even if you can’t host a big blowout this year, you might be able to have a more modest sized gathering of family and friends later this summer. And, party or no party, the photo stand ups create a festive environment in the home. If you must social distance from your grandchild or other favorite grad, consider making one as a gift. Then drop it at their front door, or send it off in the mail as a special surprise.


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