Retro Green Ghost Game Night

Retro Green Ghost Game Night

Happy Halloween everyone!  For the occasion, I want to share a family get-together that features a game of Green Ghost


When I was a kid, Green Ghost was one of my favorite games. The haunted graveyard game is the first (and maybe only) board game designed to be played in the dark. A number of parts glow mysteriously, including a friendly-looking green ghost.

My sisters and I would play in the closet, under the basement steps, where it was nice and dark. We’d play year-round, and not just at Halloween.

Did you (or your kids) ever play Green Ghost? The game first came out in 1965, during the era when The Munsters and The Addams Family classic TV sitcoms were popular. I remember watching both, and loving their silly theme songs. My favorite was probably The Munsters, with it’s Frankenstein-like Herman. Which show did you like best? Or maybe you took your kids to see the more recent movie releases?

My boys were into Ghostbusters toys, even though the first movie came out before they were born. Eldest son was forever running around the house in snow boots, wearing a proton pack, zapping ghosts with his ecto-blaster, and storing them in a special trap. Back then, I forgot all about playing Green Ghost  — until receiving a very special Christmas gift.

Join me for a family-friendly Halloween evening of eats, treats and a retro game (or two) of Green Ghost.


My Favorite Things Bee Party Gifts, Favors and Games

My Favorite Things Bee Party Gifts, Favors and Games

Rewinding to the very first My Favorite Things Party, which eventually led me to launching Debbee’s Buzz.


The party presented an opportunity to unleash my inner maker; whether it was creating invitations, decorations, food or favors.

If you follow this blog, you know I love to use themes when decorating, entertaining and crafting.

Today, I’m sharing bee party gifts, favors and prizes from the French Queen Bee theme event.

I hope you find creative inspiration in this post. Perhaps, to host your own gift exchange, tea, birthday party, shower, or to apply guest favor ideas to a rustic wedding.

Learn more on the ins and outs of the My Favorite Things gifts exchange, DIY insights on crating bee party gifts, and fun games and prizes to entertain guests.


Playing Flamingo Croquet and Building a House of Cards

Playing Flamingo Croquet and Building a House of Cards

Heading back to Wonderland for some flamingo croquet and house of cards building, during the Queen of Heart’s (aka yours truly) Unbirthday Party.


I have included two or three games for each My Favorite Things Party. Since many of my friends and family members only gather together once a year, the games provide a nice ice breaker and opportunity to mingle and get acquainted.

The party games also allow everyone to let their hair down for a bit of fun, laughs or even silliness.

I know many people claim to dislike bridal and baby shower games. But,  my group seems to really enjoy themselves. It’s an opportunity for middle age women to be young at heart and channel our inner child. All the ladies are all really good sports and have a playful, competitive nature.

Tag along while we play flamingo croquet and attempt to build a house of cards.


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