Happy Halloween everyone!  For the occasion, I want to share a family get-together that features a game of Green Ghost


When I was a kid, Green Ghost was one of my favorite games. The haunted graveyard game is the first (and maybe only) board game designed to be played in the dark. A number of parts glow mysteriously, including a friendly-looking green ghost.

My sisters and I would play in the closet, under the basement steps, where it was nice and dark. We’d play year-round, and not just at Halloween.

Did you (or your kids) ever play Green Ghost? The game first came out in 1965, during the era when The Munsters and The Addams Family classic TV sitcoms were popular. I remember watching both, and loving their silly theme songs. My favorite was probably The Munsters, with it’s Frankenstein-like Herman. Which show did you like best? Or maybe you took your kids to see the more recent movie releases?

My boys were into Ghostbusters toys, even though the first movie came out before they were born. Eldest son was forever running around the house in snow boots, wearing a proton pack, zapping ghosts with his ecto-blaster, and storing them in a special trap. Back then, I forgot all about playing Green Ghost  — until receiving a very special Christmas gift.

Join me for a family-friendly Halloween evening of eats, treats and a retro game (or two) of Green Ghost.

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Trick-or-Treat Traditions


Trick or treating in our community is from 6-8 PM on Halloween. That allows some time for the little ones to go door-to-door, before it gets very dark. 

Since we have a walking school district, there are sidewalks almost everywhere. Parents join the younger children with flashlights and strollers.

Those years when my husband and I went out with the boys — while grandma handed out candy — are full of happy memories. Many times I’d also dress up. And, if it was warm and dry, we’d sit outside to distribute treats.

When our boys were growing up, we’d have 140 plus kids come to the door. Although there has been turnover over the years, we now have many empty-nesters in the neighborhood. Happily, we still get about 60-70 youngsters.

How about you?

Family Fun Night

This year, we decided to invite some friends — with young grandkids in town for Halloween — over for a family night of post trick-or-treating fun.

I’m using the occasion to set a kids table and adult buffet using Re-Play Recycled family tableware. Full disclosure; Re-Play is owned by my sister A and her husband.


From the time my little monsters were on the candy hunt, we have had a post trick-or-treating meal of chili dogs, tater tots and homemade applesauce. Grandma brought over a pumpkin pie.

My husband and I still carry on the tradition, but he makes the applesauce and pie like his mom did.

We will continue the tradition for our guests tonight, beginning at 7.

Just Boo It

I’ve set the table for four little ones, in Halloween colors of orange, black, purple and Green Ghost green.


Each will find a Re-Play plate, sippy cup, and snack pack, along with a few Halloween surprises.


A sippy cup sits on a spider cupcake stand, over a “just boo it” coaster. The cupcake stand also holds a place card, with a name matching the child’s costume.


The smoke rising from the central cauldron centerpiece (and the mini cauldron favors) is actually faux spider web.


It’s a trick I used in two other Halloween tablescapes. See Haunted Halloween Hallows and Eye of Newt.


On each plate, is a rubber snake and eyeball for playing a few tricks on their parents. A glow-in-dark centipede sits atop a smoking mini-cauldron.

Inside, is the character (bat, cat, rat or vulture) the child will be in Green Ghost. I figure this will eliminate potential arguments on who gets what piece later. Kids will be kids after all!


A Re-Play snack-pack favor is filled with a candy corn popcorn mix and Halloween lollipop. The snack-packs usually come in a single color, but I decided to mix and match. Screw-on lids and convenient carry handle are part of the take-home favor.


For tonight, the snack-packs will also be handy for holding treats during a game of Green Ghost in the family room.

Let the Green Ghost Games Begin!

I’ve set the game up on a cocktail table in front of the couch. The Green Ghost board actually stands on six legs, and I’ll probably move it to the floor for the kids to play tonight. We’ll turn down the lights for glow-in the dark fun.


When the guests arrive, I’ll already have a Munsters DVD playing on the TV. I can’t wait! Not sure who’ll have more fun — the kids or grownups?

Retro Family Fun

I had forgotten all about Green Ghost until Christmas at sister A’s house some time ago. This is back when people were just beginning to search for things on the Internet. And, eBay was new!

Are you thinking what in the heck does a Halloween game have to do with Christmas? Well, it’s how I came to get a welcome blast from my past — a second Green Ghost game.


Green Ghost luminous game board with locked trap doors.

My sister decided to recreate a scene from the movie, The Santa Clause 2. It’s the part where a group of teachers are gathered in the school gym. The party comes to life, when each is surprised to receive their favorite childhood toy from a secret Santa.

On Christmas Eve, Sister A surprised Sistah B with a vintage Mystery Date game, and me with Green Ghost. Inspired by the same movie, my mother (through the help of my son) gave A, Barbie’s Carousel Kitchen. How wonderful that they both came up with the same nostalgic gift idea?


The board is elevated on six stilts, Underneath are three boxes (covered by locked trapdoors). The pits contain either bones, bat feathers or snakes, plus a number of hidden ghost kids. I supplemented missing pieces with more rubber snakes and glow-in-the-dark centipedes and bats.

Our kids loved seeing their parents playing with their favorite toys on Christmas.


Spooky, stand-up silhouettes of a haunted house, shipwreck and scary tree decorate the Green Ghost game board.

Do you remember the movie scene? What was your favorite childhood game or toy?

Halloween Gifts for Family & Friends

I love an opportunity to give gifts! Here’s several fun ideas for this, or well next Halloween LOL! Tomorrow is a great time to run out for clearance savings on Halloween-related books, party supplies, decorations, toys and costumes for dress-up play.


I’m a big giver of books. In fact, I have an entire collection of Halloween books from when my sons were little. This pop-up was one of their favorites. I’ll have it, and several other Halloween picture books, handy tonight in a basket by the couch.

Play with Re-Play All Year Long

I also made a few more Re-Play snack-pack favors for neighborhood kids. They’re filled with the same adorable Halloween lollipops and candy (Dollar Tree). I just slipped the snack-packs into favor bags, tied with boo ribbon for a special treat-or-treat.


Looking for a Halloween treat for grandkids, nieces or nephews? Or, maybe a special friend with young children?

How about filling a large plastic cauldron with Re-Play family tableware for celebrating the season? The sturdy dishwasher and microwave-safe tableware is good for partying all year long. It’s also lightweight and easy to mail.


The products are all manufactured in the USA from recycled milk jugs, and are FDA approved, BPA-free, and food safe plastic. When you order online, the package comes with a note detailing how many milk jugs you helped to recycle.


Sold worldwide, the products feature affordable, durable, and sustainable infant, toddler and family tableware in a wide color palette. So, don’t just think Halloween, Re-Play comes in 16+ colors. Choose seasonal shades, or a different color for each child.

For How to Make a Diaper Cake, Elephant Topper, I incorporated yellow infant and toddler feeding products.


Having grandkids in for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Stock up on tableware for the kids table. Reuse it for other meals after popping in the dishwasher. Or, send a gift basket to family who can’t be with you this year.


College kids love the adult-size tableware too. Think finals care-package.

Dancing Ghosts

Fibber can’t wait for the kids to come play. Most witches have a black cat, my familiar is a Scottie LOL!


He’s keeping a lookout, as I make sure all the decorations are ready outside.


Then, when the sun goes down, ghosts will be dancing in the dark.


A happy and safe Halloween to all.





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I use affiliate links and am an Amazon Associate. If you make a purchase I may earn a small commission that helps to offset website operating costs with no additional cost to you. Your support is appreciated! Disclosure Policy.

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