With the holiday just several weeks away, I’ve pulled out my stuffed Easter bunny collection.


Its an simple way to decorate for the holiday and spring season, and makes for a quick transition from St. Patrick’s Day accents.

Displaying the bunnies and rabbits high up on the mantle in the family room, also keeps them safely out of reach of Whiskey, our Scottie puppy.

At that height off the floor — and his short stature — the collection isn’t even in Whiskey’s field of vision. A good thing, because like any rodent hunting Scottish Terrier, he loves chewing on stuffed animals and playing “shake and kill.” So far, he’s managed to rip through two of his toys, with a favorite teddy bear now minus an arm lol! Our first Scottie, Fibber MacGee, did the same.

That’s why I’ve never incorporated a stuffed bunny into any vignette or basket decor. As seen in my Easter Home Tour, many of those decorations sit on the floor, hearth or a coffee table. For those, I stick to rabbits made of resin, plaster or porcelain. However, since this year we have a puppy underfoot and no company coming, I’ve cut way back on my decorations.

So it’s nice to at least have my stuffed Easter bunny collection on display.

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Things Are Hopping Around Here


In anticipation of Easter, I actually pulled out the herd of rabbits (or fluffle as they’re called in Canada) in early March, while the kitchen was decorated with shamrocks and leprechauns.

Because there’s often little time between the two holidays, I decorate the kitchen for St. Patrick’s Day, while the rest of the house has spring and Easter decor.


Usually, on March 18th, I’m rushing to switch from a St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting, to Sweet Rustic Rabbit Easter Table or Darling Bunny Hop Table Celebrates Spring.

Regardless of the table setting or centerpiece, bunny and rabbit decor accents, dishware and linens dominate for the Easter holiday.

Or, as pictured to the right, even edible bunnies made of icing have a place on the table.

Let me introduce you to the fury members of my fluffle.

Stuffed Easter Bunny & Rabbit Friends

Most of my stuffed Easter bunny and rabbit collection were found at two favorite places to shop for decor and unique gifts. I’ve taken you to both on several shopping excursions across the seasons, including; Easter Hunt and Finds at Trax Farm and Spring Open House at Old Allegheny Shoppe (I have no affiliation with either).


When the boys were little, they received a special little bunny on their very first Easter. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, the stuffed friends were loved and played with until they were worn and dirty.

All those in my fluffle, were purchased for yours truly lol! It was around the same time I started adding stuffed moose to the Ski Lodge Theme Decor Family Game Room. I’d buy about one a year; always sorely tempted on those seasonal outings to Trax Farm and Old Allegheny.


I started small, with this jointed Boyds Bear brand bunny made between 1988 – 2000.

The texture of his fur and whiskers reminds me of a much more expensive, high-end Steiff stuffed animal. As a child, I had a beloved Steiff black and white terrier. He squeaked when you squeezed his tummy.


My very favorite stuffed Easter bunny is by Russ. I just found a listing for one like him on Pinterest and Etsy.


Manchester the Bunny measures 21 inches in length, is jointed, and looks and feels like mohair. Although he only dates from the 1990’s, I think he looks vintage. How about you?


Next to him on the mantle is a tan stuffed Easter bunny from The Bearington Collection. He’s got what feels like tiny beans in all four of his paws. Like the first rabbit, he’s sporting a country pattern bow.

Don’t you love those long, shapeable ears and long whiskers?


Sitting on his lap is a white mohair rabbit with movable limbs. Unfortunately, I must have trimmed off the large tag that identifies the manufacturer.


To the right, sits another Boyds Collection rabbit dated from 1990 – 1999. I suspect I acquired all the stuffed bunnies in my collection in that timeframe.

Rabbits Right & Left

Another five stuffed Easter bunnies and rabbits sit on the opposite side the mantle.


Also part of the Boyds Collection of Gettysburg, PA is this deep brown and white, jointed rabbit. He’s dated 1988 – 2000. I love those enormous feet! They remind me of the adorable Thumper in the movie Bambi.


Like most of the other stuffed bunnies in my collection, he has a big fluffy cottontail you can’t see in these photographs.


Another favorite of mine is this unique grey, brown-tipped fur rabbit. I call him patches for obvious reasons! He’s another jointed rabbit with bean-filled feet from The Bearington Collection of Georgia.

In addition to sporting a floppy patched hat, he wears a burlap backpack.


Hitching a ride in the backpack is this vintage-looking little rabbit.


Soft and squishiest of the fluffle is this creamy white, stuffed Easter bunny. He’s the most huggable of the bunch too. Roaker is another Russ creation.


Finally, is another Bearington Collection little rabbit with vintage styling. He sports the same green check pattern bow as one of his cousins on the other end of the mantle.

Puppy Preoccupation

You might have noticed I haven’t published a post recently? Lately, I’ve been busy taking care of and training Whiskey. Between feedings, potty trips, training classes, and vet visits, having a puppy has been a part to full-time occupation of late. Not that I’m complaining! I sometimes wonder how I managed it with Fibber and I was still consulting?

Whiskey is in constant motion so its hard to take pictures! This is over a month and a half old, with his ears almost fully standing.

There has been the added challenges of housebreaking during a harsh winter and socializing a puppy during a pandemic. Did I tell you my car battery died while I sat in the car waiting for Whiskey at the vet? Ugh! Of course, hubby was across town at the time volunteering at Habitat — and didn’t have his phone on him. Ironically, Mr. Buzz’s car battery died 10 days earlier!

Since Whiskey got his second series of shots, we’ve been attending puppy classes three times a week. It’s been so nice to be back at Animal Friends!

But, Whiskey has struggled with car sickness and that has not been nice at all! He’s too young for medication and will hopefully grow out of it. Skipping the meal before and taking shorter trips around the neighborhood seems to be helping. Last night, we made it to and from puppy school with no problem. Fingers crossed!

Shots in the Arm

Last week, hubby and I were fortunate to get our first shots. Although, we did have to travel out-of-state to Ohio to get them. No complaints though, as it was only a little over an hour’s drive each way.

Because Walmart’s supply of vaccines comes from the federal government, they had no problem with administering residents from Pennsylvania. We just had to meet Ohio’s eligibility requirements. At the time it was age 50 and up, while in PA it’s still lagging way behind at 65.

A month from now we’ll return for the second shots. It’s like a giant weight has been lifted and the future looks brighter.

Hope you are all healthy and well.


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