I imagine many are still celebrating Valentine’s Day; filling restaurants throughout the weekend or planning a special evening. In February, I move on parallel tracks, because I decorate for both Valentines and Presidents Day. 


Since the two February holidays are just days apart, you’ll find a little of this, and a little of that around my house.

I’m not sure why I’m so into Presidents Day and early American History. Since I was a kid, I’ve been reading presidential and first lady biographies. I love visiting Monticello, Mount Vernon and other presidential homes, libraries and museums.

While living in Philadelphia during the Bicentennial, I became fascinated by George Washington.

Years later, I discovered a direct connection to him through my husband’s ancestor. Peacock, aka The Rebel Bird, was part of Washington’s spy network. He was also a quartermaster at Valley Forge, and at Cornwallis’ surrender in Yorktown. Read about him in, Celebrating Patriots on Independence Day.

Today, I’m sharing a few quick and easy ways I decorate for Presidents Day.

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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness


Those were the unalienable rights Thomas Jefferson penned into the Declaration of Independence. He was also our third president and responsible for the Louisiana Purchase.

Jefferson is one of five figures from the Revolutionary era depicted on Lenox’s Patriots Bowl.


John Adams was another Founding Father. He was our second president, after serving as Washington’s vice president. And, Adams was father of our sixth president, John Quincy.

Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry (“Give me liberty, or give me death!”), are also depicted on the Patriots Bowl.


When my parents were downsizing, they gifted me the bowl. Its displayed on the dining room table during the month of February.

They also gave me dishes from Lenox’s Hancock pattern. Hancock is part of the Presidential Collection. I paired the dishes with a tablecloth purchased while Visiting Athens in Greek Tablescape & Olympic Torch Napkin Fold.

Not be confused with the patterns Lenox has made for the White House, the presidential collection is made for the public and is named after presidents and other founding fathers. Patterns in this collection are similar since the pieces all share the same shape.”

Classic Replacements Blog

Black and gold in the Hancock pattern coordinates perfectly with my Eclipse china seen in Exotic Peacock Tablescape.

Sistah B’s wedding china is also from the Presidential Collection. I believe it’s the lovely Monroe pattern? There are 12 different patterns in the very popular Lenox collection. Do you have any pieces?

Presidents Day Table

Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Valentine is still set on the kitchen table. I plan to enjoy it through the weekend.


But, a vignette of Liberty Blue dishware decorates the countertop, along with a Byer’s Choice General Washington figure.


On Sunday afternoon, I’ll quickly swap Paris for a Presidents Day Table with Liberty Blue.


Abe will join George in the centerpiece in honor of their shared birthday holiday.


Another Give Me Liberty Blue Tablescape Celebrates July 4th. George hangs out on that table too.


Are there any patriotic Byers’ Choice figures decorating your home?

Big Bucks

Throughout the year, I frequently decorate the house with seasonal photographs of the family. Yep, that even includes Presidents Day! Please pardon the quality of these pre-digital camera pictures from the last millennium!


When the boys were in elementary school, Presidents Day was always a big deal. I think it was first grade when they made large dollar bills and General Washington hats from construction paper.


Aren’t the white curly locks a hoot?!

Do you have any pictures of your kids or grandchildren from Presidents Day? Maybe sporting Lincoln’s stovepipe hat or beard?

Living Museum

Youngest son chose to be General Washington for our elementary school’s first ever, ‘living’ wax museum.


Are you familiar with the learning program? It’s basically an interactive display where students are dressed as famous individuals. In my son’s school, it was figures from American History. Other classmates portrayed Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford and Jonas Salk.

See the little blue ‘button’ on his lapel? Parents and grandparents approach a student ‘frozen’ in place. When they tap the button, the child comes to ‘life’, reciting significant facts about the individual they portray.


I had a blast crafting the Washington costume! In fact, I still have the hat and jacket stored in my cedar closet — pack rat that I am! (Rita, are you rolling your eyes right now?) Heh, it might come in handy for grandkids one day…

Make Your Own President

Here’s the ingredients to easily and inexpensively create your own little general for Presidents Day:

  • White fitted pants were from baseball uniform
  • White shirt was one of my old ones, w/lace trim attached to create ruffled front & cuffs
  • Navy blazer from a resale shop
    • Shoulders decorated with star buttons & gold trim to create the look of epaulettes
    • Cheap metallic gold satin fabric covers lapels
    • More star buttons, gold trim attached to lapels & cuffs
  • Velveteen women’s hat from resale shop (turned sideways)
    • Brim tacked up at front & back
    • Gold trim wrapped & tied to create tassel
    • Wig created with cotton stuffing, tied with red ribbon
  • Son’s black snow boots
    • Created gold satin cuff to cover tops, with tassels added
  • Husband’s belt with plastic play sword
  • Bennington Flag from Bicentennial
    • Large tin can filled with sand to support flag

I was initially delighted the following October when my son wanted to be Washington for Halloween. He and his other buddies were going to recreate the living museum — zombie version! Eeek!  Well, that got quickly vetoed as totally inappropriate by yours truly.

But, for some reason, I was perfectly fine with him being a werewolf instead. Go figure.

February is for Valentines & Presidents

In my finished basement is a long wall used to display seasonal artwork. For Mother’s Day, I shared How to Create a Kid Keepsakes Gallery.


During the month of February there are still snowmen, penguins and skiers decorating the wall, along with a not-so-shiny, Lincoln penny for Presidents Day.


Abe is surrounded by love in the form of Valentines made by the boys.


I hope you are surrounded by love this weekend too.


We’ll be staying in, caring for My Fuzzy Funny Valentine, as Fibber continues to recover from major surgery.


Special thanks to all who offered support, prayers, hugs and good wishes. And, it was fun getting to know other Scottie moms like Kay.


Caring — a sweet reminder of what Valentines is all about. Have a great weekend all.




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