Last week I shared, A Tweet Tablescape to Welcome Spring, which included a napkin folded into the shape of a dramatic bloom. Today, I’ll show how you can easily recreate the same flower napkin fold.


Not only does the 12-petal flower napkin look great on a spring or summer table, but think how lovely it would be for a bridal shower or wedding reception. The DIY fold is an inexpensive way to impress guests and add some “wow” to any gathering.

There’s no need for a napkin ring, ribbon or ties to create the pretty flower — just napkins, glasses and a little elbow grease!

Candidly, the flower is probably the most involved napkin fold I’ve tried over the past couple of years. But, I was able to get figure it out after just a couple of tries — and so will you!

To make it easy, I’ve illustrated each of the four steps in making the flower napkin fold. I’ve also included a couple of tips for more easy handling of the folds and petals. With a few minutes of practice, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Grab a napkin and give it a try!

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4 Step Flower Napkin Fold


Begin by getting your materials together. You’ll need one large, square napkin or piece of fabric (I used 20-inch), and a drinking glass or piece of stemware to hold each finished flower. Choose any color or print of napkin you’d like. I’ll bet napkins with fridge or lace edges would make particularly pretty blooms.

As far as tools are concerned, all that’s required is an iron, and having these instructions in front of you (at least until you get the hang of it). It also helps to have a small, heavy glass that is narrower in circumference than the stemware.

Okay ladies, let’s get started!

Step 1: Fold into a Square

First, lay a pressed napkin on a flat work surface. Simply take the napkin and fold it in half, and then once again to create a smaller square. If you’re like me, your napkins are probably already stored this way.

Tip: Pressing the completed square with an iron makes for nice sharp creases when folding in Step 2. It also helps to give the petals of the finished flower defined edges.

Step 2: Fold in Corners

Begin by folding each of the four corners of the napkin square into the center. You’ll end up with four triangles meeting in the center of the napkin.


Repeat the process a second time; folding each of four more corners into the center. The folded napkin will become smaller and thicker.


After the second set of corner folds, carefully flip the napkin over so that the folded corners are face down on the tabletop. Have that smaller glass handy before beginning the third set of corner folds.


After folding in each of the final four corners, use the weight of an upside down glass to hold all the folds in place. I used a thick juice glass. Avoid using anything fragile.

Step 3: Pinch, Pull & Lift Flower Petals

As with the corner folding, you’ll be repeating this process three times — a charm right? Each of the corners is going to become one of the petals of the bloom.

What you are going to do is pinch, and then pull up the underside of one corner at a time — lifting it slightly into the air. Use your other hand to push down on the glass to keep the napkin from unfolding.


Tip: Slide each napkin corner just over the edge of a smooth tabletop. I worked on a coffee table and sat on the floor while making the flower napkin fold. Having the corner just off the edge of the table makes it easier to grab and lift the underside edge of the fabric

Continue to slide the napkin around in a circle until you’ve lifted all four corners. Voila — you’ve just created the first four petals of the flower!


Now, repeat the process for a second time. This is where sliding the flower napkin fold slightly off the edge of the table really helps. You’ll be pulling the next four corners (one at a time) that are between each of the first four petals. After the second round, you should have a total of eight petals.

Tip: Pulling the second set of four petals is where I got stuck the first couple of tries. That’s because, the second set of petals are more star-shaped and don’t lift as much. They also just won’t stand up the same way as the first and third groups. It took me a time or two to figure that out, lol!

Don’t get frustrated. If the napkin unfolds, just start over — if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!


Repeat lifting the corners for a third and final time. This is what your flower napkin fold should look like with 12 total petals.

Step 4: Insert Into Stemware

Have the stemware handy that the finished flower napkin fold will rest in on the dining table.


Apply a little pressure downward on the glass in the center of the petals. Next, slide the napkin off the tabletop; providing support to the underside of the fabric with your other hand. 


Lift the fabric over the top of the stemware, flip the juice glass, and use it to gently push or insert the completed flower napkin fold partially inside.

Now you’re ready to remove the smaller glass.

If needed, use your fingers to push the center of the flower napkin fold deeper into the stemware.

A drinking glass, or something like a water goblet or wine, is necessary to hold the 12-petal flower napkin fold together. 

I based the flower fold on a classic lotus napkin fold, which has eight petals. It’s designed to sit open on a plate.


But, adding the four additional folds and petals changed the dynamics. Here’s what happened when I sat the flower napkin on a plate — eek! My pretty bloom opened up and all the petals became just a lump of fabric.

Tip: If you want a flower that will sit on a plate and keep its shape, try either a lotus, rosette or Bird of Paradise napkin fold.

Finishing Touches

Finally, just poof and arrange the fabric petals into a pleasing shape.

I also perched a little bird place card onto each finished bloom.

Variations on a Theme

Later this spring, I plan to make the same fold with yellow napkins to accompany, A HapBEE Birthday Table.

I’ll use little chenille bees to adorn the napkin flowers.

Game to give the flower napkin fold a try? Check out Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions for a variety of fun to fabulous other options.




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