For my husband’s recent birthday, I created a HapBEE Birthday table and beehive dessert.

After all, he’s my honey and I’m his Debbee!

B’s gift was a Penguins hockey game, with fabulous front row seats youngest son D helped me to score (unintentional pun). It was the first game of the playoffs, with our Pens the reigning Stanley Cup champs — for the past two years (intentional bragging). So, there was a lot of hoopla during pregame festivities. And, we won 7-0 for an amazing night!

Ironically, the Pens were playing the Philadelphia Flyers — where son D lives. He had to watch all the games at either his or a friend’s apartment to hide their enthusiasm. Inside, their pads were bedecked with banners, signs and Pittsburgh jerseys. D did wear one of his jerseys, in public, on a business flight from Chicago back home. I worried the infamous Broad Street Bully fans might not appreciate him walking through the airport victorious with a Pens jersey on. D wasn’t gonna feel any City of Brotherly Love that night LOL!

The Pens did win the series, but evidently were eliminated by sister-in-law’s long denied Capitals. Congrats

Anyway, it was one of those milestone, big-0 birthdays for hubby. He didn’t want a party, but I was determined to make dinner special. B has a sweet tooth, so I knew he’d enjoy a honey of a dessert.

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Set a HapBEE Birthday Table


To set the HapBee Birthday table, I started with a great yellow and white tablecloth (TJ Maxx). The geometric print reminds me of a honeycomb pattern.

Can you see it?


The green bee plates are from Anthropology’s Nature Table group. I received four as a gift. Eventually, I splurged on several more, buying two at a time. To my surprise, Anthropology still carries the bee dessert plate.


I love the green color, scalloped edge and metallic gold details. The only bummer is that the gold requires hand-washing.


Each bee dish is set atop a Mikassa English Countryside (Amazon) plate. Lattice work, raised leaves and fruit, decorate the border with a wavy edge — the perfect garden setting for a bee plate to hang out.


I first shared the plates in, Set a Presidents Day Table with Liberty Blue.

French Bee Influences Tablescape

For the napkin, I pulled out ones with an Eiffel Tower print and the word, “Paris.”  I decided to just tuck the napkins between the two plates and let them drape over the edge of the table.


I first used the Eiffel Tower napkins in the tablescape post, Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day. The table was called, “If You Love Me, Take Me to Paris.” Hubby has taken me there twice; that’s why he’s my honey!

A subsequent post, Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine, celebrated those trips to Paris.

The French Connection is a reflection of my heritage, and first My Favorite Things Party theme choice. See Elegant French Queen Bee Invitation.


Everyday Bee Tableware Still Special

I use the flatware, Wallace Napoleon Bee (Amazon), as my everyday flatware from spring through summer. The stainless was perfect for a HapBEE Birthday table.


Also used everyday, are these La Rochere bee glasses (Amazon).  A classic, available in numerous shapes and sizes. They have held up really well to a lot of use and cycles in the dishwasher.


The porcelain accent plates were a shower present I nearly forgot I had!  They are also from France, by Lourioux. Each of six little plates has a different flower and insect. Retired canapé or bread and butter plates are available online.

Oh dear, I also see they make a strawberry dish pattern with the same edges… Step away from the computer Debbee….!


Like the white Mikassa dinner plates, the Lourioux dishes have a beautiful detailed rim.


Not pictured in this tablescape are the beautiful floral and butterfly covered casseroles and soufflé dishes, I also received as wedding shower gifts.

Beehive Cake Centerpiece

For the Hapbee Birthday table centerpiece, I used a beehive dessert. It sits on a white rabbit cake (Pier 1).


You might recognize the cake stand and handmade bee skep from, Beatrix Potter Easter Hunt in Mr. McGregor’s Garden.


To keep the HapBEE Birthday table dessert fresh, I covered it with a beehive-shaped cloche (William Sonoma).


Around the cake stand, I placed a handcrafted honeypot found at a Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh.


I like that the design is different on each side. Did I mention hubby bought this on my birthday, while we were wondering around the exhibits and craft booths? The artisan is from our local community.


Isn’t it special?

Bake a Beehive Cake

I didn’t have this beehive cake mold (Amazon) when I hosted the French Queen Bee My Favorite Things Party.


But, once I came across it, I knew I “needed” to add it to my bee theme collection of tableware and cookware. You can see how it was a required purchase, for a HapBEE Birthday table right?


Recently I shared the menu and recipes for, Bee Theme Party Food Features Honey, Lemon. Rather than use the recipe that came with the mold, I used the same boxed pound cake mix used for the teddy bear cake and limoncello tiramisu.


The Meyer lemon pound cake (Amazon) came right out of the mold.


To “glue” the two sides of the cake together, I used the lemon icing that came with the boxed mix. Just make sure to keep it thick.

Then I poured the icing along the seams and on top of the cake. I wanted it to resemble honey dripping on the beehive. Can you see it?


That’s all I did to decorate the beehive cake, leaving the bees unadorned. If you like lemon, you’ll love this cake mix and icing. The pound cake is incredibly moist too.

No Cake for the Other Birthday Boy

Shortly after B’s birthday comes a number of others in the family, including my Sweet Scottie Dog. I can’t believe he can be nine already! But then again, it feels like he’s always been a part of our family.


Where’s my birthday cake, huh?!

No lemon pound cake for Fibber Magee, but he did get other favorite treats like cheese and peanut butter in his Kong. Not to mention squirrel and beaver squeaker toys, both of which resembled flat roadkill!

Fibber tears apart stuffed toys, so I only purchase the Flat Stanley type. See Sweet Scottie Dog for more on my fur baby.


In keeping with this post’s HapBEE Birthday table theme, here Fibber is looking mad as a hornet. I dressed him as my drone for the Queen Bee party several years ago — but only long enough for him to make a quick buzz around the porch (all puns intentional).

Garden Decorated Chandelier Overhead


Here’s a glimpse of the chandelier handing above the HapBEE Birthday table.


See more pictures of the dogwood, butterfly and Bee Decorated Chandelier Compliments HapBEE Birthday Table.

Right now, I’ve gotta finish up another wreath order and finalize the menu for the Wonderland themed, My Favorite Things Party in June. (UpdateTea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches & Savories and Scones & Desserts).



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