I’ve decorated the kitchen and dining room with red heart ornaments, mini-wreaths and embellishments for Valentines Day. 


After creating a DIY Let Me Call You Sweetheart Wreath recently, there were a few red heart ornaments leftover just begging to be used. So I got myself to Michael’s and picked up two more packages of eight.

First, I incorporated the red hearts into a formal dining room tablescape with decorated chandelier. That’s when I ‘rediscovered’ red heart-shaped wreaths,  previously used as used napkin rings. Do you ever forget you have stuff? Or, then where you stashed it?

For giggles, I hung a couple of the red heart mini-wreaths from the chandelier and really liked the look. Back to Michael’s I went to grab as many as I could, while they still had them in stores.

All this led to a cascade of ideas using red hearts to decorate a trio of corner cabinets in the kitchen and create two more informal table settings. It’s ‘bleeding’ red hearts around here! 

Easy Red Heart DIY Decorated Chandelier

First thing I did was decorate the brass chandelier over the mahogany table in the dining room. It took all of 15 minutes, with a little extra time searching out the garland, ornament hangers, and red heart embellishments I knew I already had, somewhere…


If you’ve been following Debbee’s Buzz, you know that I frequently decorate dining and kitchen chandeliers for the seasons and holidays. Check out How to Decorate a Dining Room Chandelier for more inspiration, tips and suggestions.


A 6′ greenery garland is draped around the lower brass arms of the chandelier. The greenery is actually made of plastic and came from one of my favorite stores, Old Allegheny Shoppe (see Favorite Shop Kicks Off the Season). I’m sure you could find something at one of your local craft stores.

Peacock hanging ornaments

Depending on your décor, it might be nice to use a garland with red or white flowers mixed in? Pat Catan’s is advertising them for just $3 this week. To also decorate up the center chain of a chandelier, will take two garlands.

Shiny red heart ornaments hang from the chandelier using Christmas ornament hangers from Michael’s. I keep a stash of these on hand in both gold and silver. These are the same hangers I used to Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas

It’s probably too late to find ornament hangers in stores now, so I suggest using narrow ribbon to tie the red hearts to the arms of a light fixture. That’s how I attached the large peacock balls to the chandelier pictured to the right.

Pretty in Pink Too?

Michael’s also has the red heart ornaments in pink and glittered versions. Originally $5 a package, but now half-off. It would be pretty to mix both red and pink for Valentines Day.  Maybe I should go back and pick up a package of pink heart ornaments to go with A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends?


Mini Heart-Shaped Wreaths for Decoration, Napkin Rings

Not sure what to call these little heart-shaped decorations— wreaths, embellishments or thingies?

The wreaths are made out of what looks like red berries, with a little greenery, and a few glittery hearts.

Each red heart wreath has a large, red loop for easy hanging. To hang from the chandelier, I removed the shades and simply slipped the ribbon loops over the candles.


Set a Gold & Red Valentines Day Table

Here, I’ve used the red heart mini-wreaths as napkin rings, by simply slipping the center over a folded napkin. At half off (about $1.50 each), the mini-wreaths are an inexpensive option versus the price of typical napkin rings.


For the gold and red heart tablescape, I first arranged a long piece of netting down the length of the mahogany table. I’ve recently used that metallic fabric as a table runner in two New Year’s tables — Celestial Tablescape Rings in Year and Diamonds & Top Hat. The Valentines table also uses the same gold chargers from Home Goods as the Celestial tablescape pictured below.


Lenox Eclipse dinner plates, Waterford Kenmare crystal and red-handled flatware are incorporated into each place setting. An additional red heart ornament is placed in sherbet glasses as a guest favor. “Happy Valentine’s Day” wired red ribbon also runs the length of the table, tucked and shaped around golden candle holders.


Red Hearts Decorate Corner Cabinets

Originally, a single large red heart with hanger decorated the interior kitchen door. I only have one wreath heart this bigger size.


But, after creating a DIY Let Me Call You Sweetheart Wreath, the pretty heart needed a new home, somewhere…


After setting the tables and island bar, I also had a few leftovers of the smaller red heart wreaths. So, I attached red grosgrain ribbon and hung them on a trio of corner kitchen cabinets. Just like decorating the chandelier, I went vertical!


Embellishing the cabinets was another quick project. I simply used painters tape to attach the ribbons to the reverse side of each cabinet. The tape will easily remove later.

Coordinating Kitchen Table & Bar

As the so-called, Queen of Theme, I’m always about using and applying color or decorating schemes. I pulled out linens and dishes that would tie-in with all the black and tan in my kitchen, and work well with the red heart ornaments and mini-wreaths.

Below is a Valentines Brunch tablescape, set on the round kitchen table. This time the mini-wreaths hold a pair of translucent white and checkered napkins, which match the tablecloth and placements. The large coffee mugs and heart-shaped plates were from Marshall’s a number of years ago.


I decided to move these settings to the island bar, so I could create another black and white tablescape with red heart highlights.

February in Paris

The drama in, If You Love Me, Take Me to Paris tablescape, comes from the black, white and metallic striped tablecloth.


Gold chargers bring out the thin metallic threads that run thorough the tablecloth. I’ve also used the same red flatware. The red heart wreaths are shamelessly repeated again as napkin rings. This time, the hearts are paired with Eiffel Tower, Paris napkins you saw in the Celestial table earlier.

Plates and bowls all depict French landmarks and symbols. The round, center plate is from Lenox’s Tin Pan Alley collection. The others all came from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Vintage crystal goblets belonged to my French great-grandmother which I’ve also featured several times before, including Turkey Tureen is Star of Thanksgiving Table.

Bee Still My Heart!

It was fun mixing and matching what I had to create a common color scheme and a coordinated look. Are you thinking, “enough hearts already!”?


Will you set a Valentines table for family, friends or just for two? Are you a red or pink person?




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