With a heat index of 100+ degrees, I spent the morning in the cool of our finished basement working on a few organization projects. Now, I’m back upstairs on the computer, finishing up the rest of my summer coastal decor tour.


So what are you doing to keep cool during this oppressive heatwave?

Eldest son in NYC called this morning with one of his two central AC units not working. He wanted to consult with his dad, the retired engineer, to try to fix it himself. 

All I could do was suggest they go see a movie. After a nice lunch out, with free ice cream desserts, Mr. Buzz and I went to see the Avengers movie yesterday. At first, it was so cold in the theater, I shivered even with a lightweight sweater on. But, mid-way through the three-hour movie, it got stuffy and uncomfortably warm. Theater staff were nowhere to be found before, during or after the movie. At least we missed the downpour outside.

So, not so sure my suggestion for a movie is a good one? Being in a packed theater in NYC during a heat wave may not be such a good idea? Fortunately, our son was in Colorado for the Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival during Saturday’s huge blackout. He can skip the subway this weekend, but living in a rooftop apartment makes it hard to avoid taking the elevator!

Click your flip flops together and imagine you’re at the beach instead. Having some coastal decor around the house helps. Let’s pick up from where I left off in, Kitchen Coastal Decor for Summer.

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Sea Life Tableware Vignette


Kitchen Coastal Decor for Summer got as far as this octopus and sea life vignette in the corner. Hubby had just come home from volunteering, with pina coladas beckoning on the porch.




Later, when reviewing the earlier post, I realized something was missing from the vignette — this fun salad set. There’s lots of nice decorative details with the sand dollar, seahorse, starfish, and shell on the handles.


Do you ever forget what seasonal tableware or decorations you have from one year to the next? Or, maybe where you stored it?

When I pulled out this large shell bowl, I found the salad set tucked inside. Not So Crabby Coastal Buffet Table featured many pieces from my summer coastal decor and tableware collection.

Off to one side of the vignette, adjacent to the coffeemaker, are two handy items. A seahorse wine bottle charm decorates a jar of coffee beans ready for grinding.


Also handy, is a lidded lighthouse jar. I use it to hold bags for making iced tea.


When entertaining on the covered porch, the lighthouse jar holds sugar packets for those who like to sweeten their iced tea.

Have a Seat at the Bar

To get your bearings, here’s a long view of the two coastal vignettes and decorated shelf I shared in Part 1.


Take the Remodeled Kitchen Design & Layout Tour Part 1 and Part 2 for details on the cabinetry, lighting, storage and organization. Or see Rooster Kitchen Decor and Tableware for how it looks when not decorated for a holiday or season.

See the top of the towels hanging on the oven door? I always hang a seasonal towel or two there — handy to the adjacent double sink. An easy way to add coastal decor to the kitchen!


Now, let’s come around the island for a long view of the bar set for three.


Did you notice the sailboat hanging on the door between the pantry and refrigerator? It’s another area I change with the season and holidays. A white “canvas” makes it easy to use a variety of color schemes.


Last weekend, I incorporated it into Nautical Sailboat Wreath: Raise Anchor.

Looking at it helps me to imagine cool breezes.




Seafood Market Tableware

Three place settings at the kitchen bar carry the coastal theme too.


I keep the settings simple, with round, navy placemats, checkered napkins and coral rings. Makes it easy to grab a plate and head to the covered porch — if it’s comfortable outside with the paddle fan running.


Each of the large 12-inch square plates has a different design.


I alternate the plates on the bar, between the designs depicting a lobster or crab.


The plates compliment the color scheme and tableware across the way, on the decorated shelf.

There’s actually four plates in all, but only room for three place settings at the kitchen bar.


Sometimes I set a table outside on the covered porch, using all four. Hmm, that’s a tablescape I haven’t shared with you yet. I’ll try to put it on my blog schedule before the summer’s over.

Because the plates are big, with raised sides, they also work well as serving platters.

Often, I also use the fourth plate in another coastal decor vignette, on the baker’s rack in the family room. But, right now the plate is all messy and in the fridge — covered with what’s left of a blueberry pie.

Lighting the Way

Across the way, on the window ledge, sit a row of four lighthouses. Glare coming in from the covered porch makes them a bit difficult to make out.


Outside is the Don’t Be Crabby Coastal Table on the Covered Porch.

I found the lighthouses at a Goodwill store, while searching for vintage china to make Wonderland Party Favors and a Tier Server for Tea Party. They only cost about a dollar each!




From left to right are; Cape May, Cape Hatteras, Corolla, and Cape Lookout Lighthouses. I’ve been fortunate to see all four in person. Years ago, we climbed the Corolla Lighthouse with our sons. Wild horses were roaming around the base.


Are you one of those people who love lighthouses? Ever climbed to the top of one?

Seashell Topiary

The only other coastal decor in my house is currently in the living room. There, the colors in the sea shells blend in well with the surroundings.


Mom made this seashell topiary as a Christmas gift. Isn’t it lovely? Mom has made my sisters and I something as a gift almost every holiday. She’s were I get my craft gene. Thanks mom!


Heading out now for Mexican dinner, al fresco, lakeside. Waiting until dusk when it should cool off some. Too hot to cook or even barbecue — or head to the grocery store! Maybe tomorrow we’ll head out to the movies again? I’m dying to see The Lion King. We’ll just have to pretend we’re there with grandchildren, LOL!

Seen any good movies this summer?




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