How to Make a Floating Teacup Centerpiece

How to Make a Floating Teacup Centerpiece

Back in May, I shared an Absolutely Mad, Summer Tea Party Table. Included in the centerpiece, was a floating teacup floral arrangement. Actually, there were three — because three’s a charm, right?

Several readers asked me to share how I made them.

While planning the Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party, I went to Pinterest for creative inspiration. That’s where I first saw images of floating teacup table decor. “Magically” appearing suspended in midair, a teacup spills a colorful cascade of flowers into the matching saucer below. Perfect to delight guests at a Mad Hatter’s tea party!

Most of the floating teacup pins linked to Etsy shops. One led to a blog post depicting images of the crafting steps, but lacked any text or instructive details.

So, I decided to figure it out myself — via trial and error. It is a little tricky to make a floating teacup. But, I’ve made the process much easier here; by breaking down the steps and providing a descriptive tutorial.


Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup Grapevine Wreath

Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup Grapevine Wreath

A quick post today to announce the Alice in Wonderland party favor package winner. While we’re back down the rabbit hole, I’ll also show you a Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup grapevine wreath.

Back in June, during the Unbirthday Party Reveal I announced my first blog giveaway. New subscribers and existing followers who left a comment through Labor Day were registered to win. 


First, welcome to all new followers of Debbee’s Buzz. I hope you’ll find it’s your cup of tea! And special thanks to all those who left comments over the summer. I love conversing with you!

Congratulations to Leanne Hlavka of Arizona, the lucky winner of the giveaway. The package includes all the same favors I gave my guests, including; a teacup fascinator, Mad Hatter hand-painted goblet, flamingo shopping bag, and vintage teacup filled with goodies. See them all at How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators and Alice in Wonderland Table and Party Favors.

Although I have a number of Alice in Wonderland party stories still to write, I’ll be spacing them out — focusing on more seasonal topics. But, while we’re on the subject, here’s the grapevine wreath that welcomed guests to the Unbirthday Party.


Alice in Wonderland Table and Party Favors

Alice in Wonderland Table and Party Favors

Heading back down the rabbit hole with today’s Alice in Wonderland table feature. It’s one of several tablescape posts from the My Favorite Things Party I’ll be sharing. 


If you read, Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party Reveal, you’ll remember that the weather forecast was dire the night before. Fortunately, the heavy storms passed and the sun came out by the time the party began at one in the afternoon.

All four My Favorite Things Parties have been set at least partially outside. The last three were sit down meals, under the covered porch and pergola. So, I’ve always had a “Plan Bee” in case of rain.

Cramming 14-16 people indoors for the entire party, especially to eat, would be less than ideal. We’d have to move furniture out of the family room to squeeze in two banquet tables and 12 chairs. Another four or five ladies would be seated around the kitchen table. That would leave very little room to mingle, play games, and do the favorite things gift display and exchange.

What I’m showing you today, was a sort of dress rehearsal by setting up an Alice in Wonderland table in the kitchen. Just in case… (more…)

How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators

How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators

As part of the June Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop, I am excited to show you the teacup fascinators I made as favors for the Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party.


The theme event was the 4th annual My Favorite Things Party I’ve hosted.

I made a total of 18 fascinators in three different designs (teacup, mini Mad Hatter and floral) — in a variety of colors. They were the primary favor for guests.

First-come, first-pick in the Mad Hatter’s trunk show!

The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all to not just pin, but act on it! You’ll want to read until the end for links to lots of fun projects, recipes and posts by other bloggers. The monthly blog hop is hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures.

Learn what inspired the teacup fascinators, see examples of the ones I made, and learn how to make one (or more!) yourself.


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