Today I’m sharing a Christmas tree DIY wreath created for my son who lives in a Manhattan condo. I had to wait until he received it in the mail first, so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise. I’ll also show you the

share the Elmer the Elf Christmas Wreath DIY made for my younger son living in Philadelphia.

I’ve named this wreath, Bringing Home the Christmas Tree. Can you see why?

The same basic construction steps and similar materials were used as the wreaths featured in Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath and DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath.

As I explained in those posts, deco mesh techniques can easily be applied to any holiday or theme wreath.

I provide a quick overview of the materials used, where I got them, tips and photos — in case you’d like replicate the wreath design.

There are six easy steps to creating the Bringing Home the Christmas Tree wreath design.

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How to Make Your Own Wreath

Step 1: Gather supplies and embellishments


Step 2: Prep the wire wreath base

Unlike the two Halloween mesh wreaths, I did not purchase a pre-wired frame for the Christmas tree DIY wreath. Storage space is an issue for anyone living in an urban condo, or really any apartment building. The pre-wired wreath frames only came in 18 or 20 inches in diameter. Add the mesh and you get a pretty large wreath.

So, I bought a regular 16-inch wreath frame. It may not sound like much, but it probably decreased the circumference by 4-inches all the way around. Easier to find a box, ship and store too.


Because I wanted evergreens incorporated into the wreath, I used artificial stems from Dollar Tree, instead of regular pipe cleaners. Twelve for only a buck too! Another evergreen stem was used to create a hanger loop on the back of the wreath frame.

Step 3: Attach deco mesh to wireframe


Joanns had unique mesh that I wanted for both wreaths I made for my sons. On Black Friday it was all 60% off, but I was out-of-town for Thanksgiving. I simply ordered it online, with store pickup when I got home. That meant no shipping charges either. Plus, I missed all the traffic and crowds!

The snow was like glitter, making it a bit messy and somewhat sticky to work with. Good thing I had placed a big cardboard sheet on my work table! I just assumed the snow mesh was the same length as other mesh roll I had used previously. But, it was significantly shorter, and barely made it the required two times around the smaller, 16-inch frame.

When I finished attaching the white transparent mesh, the green wire frame showed through in spots. I debated taking it apart to spray pain the frame white. In the end, once I attached all the ribbon and embellishments it was fine.

Step 4: Cut & twist wired ribbon at pinch points

Two wired ribbon prints (Michaels) were used in the Christmas tree DIY wreath design. The plaid with snowflakes ribbon was 2 1/2 inches wide. A second ribbon with holiday sentiments like, “Joy to the World” was used as the top ribbon layer. It was also used to create a large bow at the top.

Ribbon lengths were only nine inches, because of the smaller 16-inch wreath frame.

Step 5: Add embellishments

The embellishments for the Christmas tree DIY wreath included:

  • Metal truck with trees on long stake (Michaels)
  • Crossed skis ornament (Michaels)
  • 3 pinecone, evergreen & bird floral cluster picks (Michaels)
  • Sleeve of 3 shatterproof mitten ornaments (Pat Catans)

First, I attached the vintage truck embellishment into the center of the wreath.

This was easier than I thought. Using a pair of small pliers, I bent the metal stake and attached it to the wreath frame. For good measure, I used two more pieces of the leftover evergreen stems to secure it in place.

Before attaching the rest, I arranged the remaining decorative elements around the wreath — to ensure a balanced overall look.

Use Evergreen Stems to Attach Embellishments at Ribbon Pinch Points

The skis were attached at the center of a pinch points, simply by twisting the evergreen stems.

Next came the three floral picks, which also had a wire stick.

Using a method similar to attaching the truck, I bent the wire through the back or the wreath frame. As with the skis, I secured the pinecone picks by twisting the evergreen stems around and through the embellishments.

For the mittens, I threaded a red glitter pipe cleaner through each ornament ring. Then I pulled the ends of the pipe cleaner to the back of the wreath frame.

A few twists and they were snugly in place.

Bending and Poofing Ribbons & Evergreen Stems

As a finishing step, I then went around the entire wreath to each of

the remaining ribbon pinch points. The wire ends of the evergreen stems were a little rough and sharp. So, I bent each end under, and tried to artistically bend the stems and ribbon into pleasing shapes.

I didn’t pull the evergreen stems to the back, because I specifically wanted the greens to be integral to the Christmas tree DIY wreath design.

The snow mesh gave the wreath it’s overall shape and peeked through here and there. I liked how white snowflakes on the plaid ribbon complimented the mesh.

Step 6: Make & add the bow on top

I’m not going to provide a tutorial on making a wired ribbon bow. What I will tell you, is that each loop was about eight-inches, plus one foot-long tails.


I had enough ribbon in that single roll for 16 lengths of ribbon and to make the large bow. When finished, the only material left over was the plaid snowflake ribbon.

Check out, Finally Fall Season Deco, for another easy-to-make wreath featuring an old-fashioned flatbed truck.

Tree Farm Inspiration

For many years, our family made an annual pilgrimage to Hozaks Farm to cut down a live tree.

There would be lunch in the barn, consisting of hot cider, hot dogs or kielbasa, with chili or sauerkraut on top. Many times, there’d also be a couple of new ornaments picked out by the boys.

We’d also stop for a large poinsettia or two at Janoski’s Farm and Greenhouse on the way home.

Often we went as early as the day or two after Thanksgiving, particularly if our Florida and South Carolina relatives were in town for the holiday. Or, the boys were home from college.

Back in the days when the boys were young, the live tree went up early in December and came down New Year’s Day.

Once the nest was empty, my husband and I mostly lost interest in going to the tree farm. We continue to get a live tree, but it’s just not the same without the boys.

Vintage Truck Inspiration

Update: 2021 This year, using embellishments from Dollar Tree, I set a Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Holiday Table.

Earlier in the fall, I created DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Truck Fall Wreath

Previously, I styled another vintage truck carrying pumpkins on a grapevine wreath form in Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities.

A Christmas Tree is Evergreen

Our sons still expect a live tree, even if they aren’t home to help decorate it. In fact, I’ve been warned, “no live tree in the family room, no coming home for Christmas.” We think it’s an empty threat, but aren’t taking any chances!

The boys truly love live trees. Even when eldest son lived in a forth-floor, walk-up apartment, he hauled a live tree, garland and wreath up all those steps. This weekend, he’ll be setting up a full-size tree on his rooftop terrace. Not sure how he plans to secure it from blowing off the building?

Younger son isn’t allowed a live tree in his condo in urban Philadelphia. He reluctantly broke down and purchased a full-size artificial Christmas tree last weekend. However, he also picked up a live wreath and poinsettia. Check out his Elmer the Elf Christmas Wreath DIY.


Hubby and I will be heading out this weekend  to local farms for a pre cut tree, ’cause I’m not taking any chances..!

Update: Went and picked up our tree yesterday at Simmons Farm. Here it is on roof of my Mini Cooper. I think it’s British Racing Green color was perfect for the occasion. Message to boys…live Christmas tree is in the building!

Mini Cooper Christmas Tree

Do you cut down or have a live tree at your home?

We’ll bee making merry drinking from DIY Christmas Cocktail Ornament Balls in front of the family room tree.




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