In Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath, I explained how to create a deco mesh style wreath called, Eye of Newt. Today’s post illustrates and explains how to tweak that process to create a second Trick or Treat wreath design.

I hope both Halloween wreath creations inspire your own decorations.

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The seven-step approach can be easily applied or modified for any holiday or seasonal wreath. If needed, please refer to the previous post for more detailed instructions on some of the basic, general steps.

Let’s apply those steps to this second Halloween wreath design, with a few options and modifications along the way.

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Make a Halloween Wreath in 7 Steps



  1. Gather supplies & embellishments
  2. Prep wire wreath base
  3. Attach deco mesh to wireframe
  4. Cut, roll & add deco mesh
  5. Cut & attach colorful, wired ribbon
  6. Add deco mesh string bows
  7. Embellish with spiders & pumpkins

1. Gather supplies & embellishments

For the second Halloween wreath, I used a pre-made black wire frame.

Instead of a neutral color, I fell in love with a vibrant green deco mesh. I already had leftover purple, black and orange mesh, and some ribbon to put to good use. New black ribbon covered in candy corn, inspired the wreath’s name, Trick or Treat.

None of my favorite craft supply haunts (pun intended), had the  mesh string tubes I had seen pictured on Pinterest.

Then, I stumbled upon it at Dollar Tree for only $1 per 12-yard package! I grabbed orange, black and purple. There’s a lot left over, but at that price who cares! I’ve tucked the extra aside for future projects.


2. Prep wire wreath base

You can either use a standard wreath wire frame and attach pipe cleaners, or purchase one pre-made as I did. For both Halloween wreath projects, the Hobby Lobby frames used were 18-inches.

3. Attach deco mesh to wire base

Take the 12-inch wide green deco mesh, and work around the inside and outside rings of the wire frame. Attach by twisting wire at each of the 18 points.


Measure about 9-inch lengths of mesh, before pinching it into a poof of material. This creates fullness in the Halloween wreath. Total finished size is about 24-inches across — a big, full wreath.

4. Cut, roll & add deco mesh

For the Trick or Treat Halloween wreath design, I only placed one mesh roll at each pinch point versus the three in Eye of Newt. This allowed the neon green color in the underlying material to show.

Other than that, the technique is the same — cut a foot-length of the deco mesh and tightly roll. Attach by twisting the pipe cleaner. Repeat.

5. Cut & attach colorful, wired ribbon

You’ll need a total of 36, foot-long lengths of ribbon for the Trick or Treat Halloween wreath design.


That’s two per pinch point. With three ribbon prints, that means you’ll need 12 of each.


However, I discovered that there wasn’t enough of the witch leg print ribbon leftover from the previous project. So, I supplemented it with “transparent” spider ribbon from my craft stash. It added more variety, and I liked the splash of white.

Don’t forget to cut a “V” at both ends of each length of ribbon for a nice, finished look.

6. Add deco mesh string

I played with the mesh string and settled on using yard-long lengths for each bow. The Halloween wreath took 18; six of each color.

Make five loops from each yard, leaving two tails. Use the tails to tie a double knot at the center of the loops. Twist the black pipe cleaner to attach one bow at each pinch point.


Be careful to balance the different colored bows around the wreath, creating contrast with the ribbons and mesh rolls. For example, I put the purple bows over top of the white spider ribbon and orange mesh roll.

7. Embellish with spiders & pumpkins

The spiders and pumpkins each came in packages of three from Hobby Lobby in purple, orange and green — perfect!


And, the six embellishments balanced well around the wreath, with it’s 18 pinch points.


Designed primarily to go into floral arrangements, each spider and pumpkin were attached to a 6-inch long stick. I tucked them through the deco mesh, using floral wire to secure to the underside of the frame.

Trick or Treat!

With all the vibrant colors and prints, I elected not to include a central accent sign or large embellishment.


The Trick or Treat wreath pictured here is available for sale SOLD. 

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Have you ever created a deco mesh wreath using this or a similar approach? Any tips or suggestions to share?

What goodies will you put out for your trick or treaters?




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