Today, I want to show how Christmas decorating with a peacock theme is applied to my formal dining room, front hall and living room. 


Last week, I shared Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas. In this post, you’ll see how the peacock theme extends to the dining room centerpiece and tablescape, a grandfather clock and mirror, and living room Christmas tree.

Year-round peacock decor accents in my living room, front hall and dining room came first. Just here and there — in pillows, floral arrangements and artwork. Although in the dining room, walls are covered in classic peacock wallpaper.

Over the years, I found peacock theme ribbon, ornaments, feathers, floral accents, and more during the Christmas holiday season. Previously, I had no idea peacock Christmas decorations were even a thing!

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Theme Tablescape Under Chandelier

As I explained in an earlier post, my peacock theme decorated chandelier is a focal point of the dining room. It’s like a Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling!  

Peacock ornament chandelier day

I wish you could see it at night, all aglow. If my photography skills and camera were better, you probably could! Everything sparkles and the jewel tones are lovely. In the evenings, I adjust the light dimmer and enjoy the view.

To compliment the chandelier, I needed a centerpiece or at least something on the table. I’ve looked in vain for a peacock theme table runner I like. So I settled for a metallic gold one for now. It does provide a nice contrast to the turquoise, cranberry and purple in the peacock ornaments and decorations. (2018 update: runner found! See Exotic Peacock Tablescape Graces Formal Dining Room).

Here, the dining room table is set for a Christmas Day dinner on a burgundy tablecloth embroidered in gold and jewel tones, with matching napkins. Also on the table is Wallace peacock stainless that looks like silver. Even better, the flatware is dishwasher safe and no need to polish! See the flatware at Cornucopia Takes Center Stage on Thanksgiving Table.

A pair of cherubs have graced the table at Christmastime for many years. And when it’s not the holiday season, an Exotic Peacock Tablescape Graces Formal Dining Room.


It incorporates that new table runner and teal napkins folded in a tail feather-like fan.

Feather Tree Pair Anchor Centerpiece

I never expected to come upon this pair of peacock feather trees at Target. Just minding my own business one day … and there they were!

Peacock theme feather tree

Don’t you just love making an unexpected discovery?

peacock parrot ornament

The feather trees are on a Styrofoam form and very lightweight. I’ve embellished them with turquoise and gold ribbon, sparkly floral picks, and beautiful bird ornaments. I wish I had purchased a third tree for the front hall chest

Pier 1 peacock gem cones
or living room coffee table.

There are also a number of peacock theme pillar candles on the dining room table, mostly from Pier 1. They always carry peacock Christmas decorations and peacock themed decor; including table linens, decorative plates and tableware, pillows, rugs, drapes and… well you name it! (Update 2018: Pier 1 is where I found the amazing velvet peacock runner.)

This year they have Peacock Gems Cones. I may have to see if any are left in the post-Christmas clearance sale. They are destined to go on my dining room table, right?!  Wouldn’t the jeweled cones go nicely with the feather trees I already have? Oh but where to store them?!

Peacock on a Grandfather Clock

Some may have a partridge on a pear tree, but for me it’s a peacock on the front hall clock.

Peacock decor grandfather clock

In the entry hall, the grandmother clock is basically a more petite version of a grandfather clock. My mother, who is a very talented, self-trained floral artist, made the decoration to fit over the finial. Several years ago, I decided to embellished the arrangement with several peacock feathers and a clip-on peacock ornament.

Peacock decorated grandfather clock

I recently added a few more peacock theme embellishments to the clock.


Which version do you like best? I’m still debating if the velvet turquoise poinsettia is too much.


My mom also made a companion decoration to fit on a large mirror in the living room, next to the grand piano. It too was recently refreshed with a little peacock theme embellishments.

Peacock mirror decoration

In the mirror’s reflection you can see the vase full of peacock feathers on the piano and a glimpse of the living room tree. See Peacock Ornaments Decorate Christmas Tree.

Peacock- ornament-collage

The tree has many peacock and bird ornaments and decorative elements, in addition to most of the family’s most fragile Christmas ornaments.

Peacocks Inspire Decor, Crafts & Party

Recently, I made a Holiday Peacock Wreath too! And don’t miss the theme My Favorite Things PartyPeacock Party Favors, Gifts and Prizes with a Peacock Theme Menu.


Originally I was pretty traditional in my Christmas decorations. Mostly shades and variations of green and red, with gold and silver accents. But, it seems anything goes these days! My son’s old safari theme bedroom even has Christmas decorations in leopard and zebra prints! While Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament Tree  decorate another bedroom. So many themes …

Peacock Decor Collage

Do you have a theme or two to your Christmas decorations?




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