Unique Holiday Peacock Theme Tablescape

Unique Holiday Peacock Theme Tablescape

Today, I’m sharing the Christmas peacock theme tablescape I set in the dinning room. It compliments the peacock feathers and birds in the classic wallpaper.


I also Decorate for Christmas with a Peacock Theme in the entry hall and living groom. That includes a handmade Holiday Peacock Wreath and Peacock Ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

Regular readers know I have a passion for peacocks! It all started when I traced hubby’s ancestry to a Revolutionary War militia officer named Peacock! Read about The Rebel Bird in Celebrating Patriots on Independence Day.

Although I’ve previously shown you many casual to formal Christmas season settings, somehow I missed the peacock theme tablescape. It includes a centerpiece with a pair of feather trees, napkins folded in a peacock tail feather fan, and sits beneath the show-stopping Peacock Ornament Decorated Chandelier.

It’s one of 18 festive tables in this year’s annual Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop, hosted by Rita of Panoply. You’re sure to find lots of ideas and inspiration for setting your own holiday table. And, if you’re a dish addict, there might be a thing or two to add to your Santa wish list!

Botanic Garden Dishes: Floral & Butterfly Summer Table

Botanic Garden Dishes: Floral & Butterfly Summer Table

Today, I’ve set a summer table with beautiful Portmeirion Botanic Garden dishes. Each piece is hand painted — in exquisite detail — with blossoms and butterflies, and an iconic border of green laurel leaves. Some are also decorated with the occasional garden insect, and my personal favorite — a bee!


A true British classic, Botanic Garden was designed by celebrated ceramicist and designer Susan Williams-Ellis. In 1960, she took over the business from her father, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, an architect and creator of Portmeirion Village in North Wales.

While looking through rare books, Williams-Ellis discovered a volume of beautiful, meticulously drawn floral illustrations. In 1972, Portmeirion‘s launch of Botanic Garden tableware included 28 different flowers. It was an immediate success, and is still an active pattern.

This year, the company is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the collection with a special edition, 18 piece dinnerware set. Inspired by classic English picnic hampers, the 2022 Botanic Garden exclusive comes in a willow basket lined with removable fabric. Bee still my heart!

Alas, the Botanic Garden dishes currently in full bloom on the kitchen table are only on a short flowering season. My neighbor, L, generously and enthusiastically agreed to lend the tableware so that I could style a new setting for June’s Summer Tablescape Blog Hop. For those coming from Mary’s nautical table on Home is Where the Boat Is, welcome aboard!

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Holiday Table

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Holiday Table

Setting a holiday table for family and friends is one of my favorite things, especially when it’s part of the annual Christmas Tablescape Hop!


Even last year — while recovering from foot surgery and using a knee scooter — I styled the Enchanting Winter Woodland Tablescape for Christmas.

Today, I’m joining 20 talented bloggers to share festive table settings and centerpieces. Our large group is organized by hostess extraordinaire, Rita of Panoply.

My holiday table, centerpiece and decorated chandelier were all inspired by a visit to Dollar Tree. While there to pickup fall crafting supplies, I realized the store was already stocked with Christmas items. One woman had filled an entire shopping cart, and was well on her way to stuffing a second, lol!

That’s when I noticed all the items depicting a vintage red pickup truck touting a Christmas tree. For under $11, I’ve styled a nostalgic holiday table theme with my existing seasonal tableware and decorations.

Thanksgiving Table Setting: When Three’s a Charm

Thanksgiving Table Setting: When Three’s a Charm

Today, I’m sharing not one Thanksgiving table setting, but a trio. Because three’s a charm right?


Last year, we ended up having 16 family members for a sit down Thanksgiving meal. It was served buffet style from the kitchen island.

Up until about a week before the gathering, the final number fluctuated as high as 20. So, I had to be flexible in my Thanksgiving table setting plan.

I normally keep one extension board in my dining room table, with six chairs on two sides. On either side of the china, the host and hostess chairs are against the wall. Although the mahogany table can sit 12, that would require using all three boards. There’s just not enough space in the dining room to add even a second board. But, the table does comfortably accommodate a Thanksgiving table setting for eight.

That meant at least eight more guests needed to be seated elsewhere.


Beautifully Decorated Chandelier for Fall & Thanksgiving

Beautifully Decorated Chandelier for Fall & Thanksgiving

In this post, I illustrate how I decorated a chandelier in my dining room for the fall season.


It follows the same basic process as the kitchen light fixture; outlined in Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps.

I pull out the garlands and embellishments around mid September and leave both decorated chandeliers up through Thanksgiving.

A few key differences between the light fixtures impact the design and materials used.

The decorated chandelier in the dining room is brass, versus a painted one in the open kitchen. It’s also a much more formal setting. And, the brass chandelier has two tiers of candles, with nearly double the number of arms.

So, let me show you how I applied the same basic process to create a unique design for the dining room’s decorated chandelier. (more…)

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