Everyone loves my over-the-top, monkey decor powder room — or, at least that’s what they all tell me! First-time guests are always taken by surprise by the dramatic, black wallpaper.


It’s still in the mid-eighties to ninety degrees here in now “tropical” Pittsburgh. Sure doesn’t feel at all like fall ya all! I’m skeptical we are going to enjoy any fall foliage display this year.

So, I’ve lacked motivation to bring out fall or Halloween seasonal decor. Temperatures are supposed to break by the weekend. That’s when I’ll send Mr. Buzz up into the attic to haul down decorations. As you may recall from the Not-So-Scary Halloween Decor Home Tour and Shop, Pack and Store Holiday Decorations, Tableware, I have a lot of stuff!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to show you more of the first floor of our home. Actually, it’s at Myrna’s urging; a loyal follower. I’ve been reluctant to post about the monkey decor bathroom, because it’s really difficult to take photographs in such a tight area. Calling it a room “tour” is also stretch — it’s really just standing in one spot and turning around 360 degrees!

Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration or ideas to go big when decorating a small room.

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Kitchen Remodel Domino Effect


I’ve already taken you on a Remodeled Kitchen Design & Layout Tour; part of a three-part series. To make extra space — within the home’s original footprint — the laundry room was eliminated and relocated to the second floor.

By removing the wall separating the two spaces, we were able to push the kitchen back about four feet, while adding another eight foot run of appliances, cabinetry and counter.

To the right you can see a section of the expanded kitchen space from Breakfast at Tiffanys Theme Brunch.

There was also a very short hallway in the original layout, with the laundry to the right and powder room to the left. Eliminating the mini hallway added space for relocating the refrigerator. It also necessitated a new entry to the bathroom.

Our kitchen designer cleverly put the powder room door at an angle. This eliminated the hallway, while adding some much-needed floor space to the bathroom. Previously, it was more like a small closet!

Adding Space & Drama

Now, for a look behind the door…surprise! Coming off of the neutral kitchen, I’ll bet it wasn’t quite what you were expecting, huh?


Photography Note: There is no window or natural light in the powder room, and a pair of sconces creates lots of glare on the reflective surfaces. 

Sure, it’s still a small powder room, but that extra bit of space and angled door made an outsized improvement. Neither of the bathroom fixtures needed repositioned (saving a lot in plumbing costs). Although, we did replace the original commode and pedestal sink.

But, with the added space,  there’s room to move around a bit. And, you no longer feel squeezed in with your back or knees against the wall or door, LOL!


The new configuration also provided room for a tall corner cabinet — in what use to be the short hallway.


Much-need storage is in the lower cabinet, with display space on the shelves above.

Big & Bold Statement Wallpaper

While I was preoccupied with the kitchen remodel, I went to a furniture store looking for bar stools and a round glass table. The decorator there asked if she could stop by the house to take a look around.

When she saw all the black decor accents throughout the first floor, she suggested we go with a dramatic black wallpaper in the powder room. Say what? I would never come up with this on my own.


And, when she returned with the large 21″ repeat pattern I was skeptical it was too much for such a small space. But, in truth, I loved the monkey decor print immediately. Surprisingly, so did hubby!


There are two different monkeys depicted in the wallpaper pattern.


Burgundy, yellow and sage green colors in the wallpaper print are also used to accent the kitchen and family room decor, window treatments, and upholstery.

Because of the tight space and cost of the high-end Schumacher wallpaper, we decided to hire a professional installer. I also wanted to ensure the seams fit without exposing the white walls underneath.


He suggested we wrap the monkey decor wallpaper over the bulkhead, and paint the ceiling and fan fixture a flat black.

Those techniques give the room an “infinity” look upwards. It also creates the illusion that our home’s 7 1/2 foot ceilings are higher than they are.

Ornate Mirror Dresses Up Space

Such a dramatic wallpaper required more than the original mirror and medicine cabinet combo.


I love all the ornate, classical details in the beveled mirror; including a lovely pediment top.


Two built-in sconces on either side of the mirror replaced an ugly fluorescent overhead light.


Although it’s hard to tell in these pictures, the shades on the candlesticks help to soften the lighting and create a nice warm glow.

Queen of Theme Decorating Too

My tendency to stick to, or play up a theme also applies to my interior decorating, LOL! 

You might recall seeing the peacock accents in the living and dining rooms?

There are peacock or feathers in the wallpaper, accent pillows, paintings, wall mural and figurine seen in, Exotic Peacock Tablescape.

Peacocks even carry over into how I decorate the front of the house at Christmas. See, Decorating with a Peacock Theme and Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier.

So, is it much of a surprise that the monkey decor wallpaper established an interior design theme in the remodeled powder room? Have you decorated any room or rooms in your home around a theme?

Monkeying Around

First thing I found was this exotic, vintage-inspired jungle print of a monkey. It has an outer, silk burgundy mat that compliments the flowers in the wallpaper print.


I’ve taken the picture at an angle so you don’t catch the sconce light or my reflection in the glass.


Nearby is a heavy brass, palm tree candlestick; holding two burgundy candles.


Next to the candlestick, is a matched cup and soap dispenser set depicting a monkey climbing a palm tree.

Sage green in the stripes and palm tree match the foliage color in the wallpaper.


On the other side of the pedestal sink is a set of burgundy guest towels embroidered with another monkey climbing a palm tree. Give me a theme, and I just can’t bee stopped, LOL!


Sitting underneath is a metal trash can depicting a palm tree.


In the corner, on top of the cupboard, is a monkey planter filled with a faux fern.


Decorating the shelves of the glass-fronted upper cabinet are a number of monkey decor pieces, including this leaf plate.


And, this adorable monkey figurine sitting on top of a book.


Going Bananas

All this heat is driving me bananas, LOL! Happily, as I publish this, it’s finally starting to cool off. None too soon either! Although I held off pulling out fall and Halloween decor, I did have to switch around my seasonal clothes, shoes and purses nearly a month ago.

It’s been impossible to figure out what to wear. Even though it’s been far from sweater and corduroy weather, white summer shorts and tropical print tops aren’t appropriate in Pittsburgh this time of year either!

Stay tuned for more seasonal posts over the next few weeks.




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