Because of the short time between holidays, I’m busy putting Thanksgiving decor and tableware in place as fast as I can! Today I thought I’d give you a behind-the-scenes tour of how I store holiday decorations.


Fortunately, some Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations overlap for the entire fall season.

Few people I know actually have Thanksgiving-specific decor as I do. Over many years, I’ve selectively collected turkey, pilgrim and Indian figures.

Right now it looks like Halloween exploded in the guest bedroom! Ugh. It’s fun decorating, but I hate packing up.

People frequently ask where I store it all. The short answer is everywhere!  I’ll do a little show and tell today, with ideas on how to organize and store holiday decorations.

Before I do that, there’s new fall and Thanksgiving decor and tableware that caught my eye.

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Seasonal Shopping Temptations


Two dilemma’s have curtailed my holiday decor and tableware shopping in recent years:

  1. Where to display it, or how will it work with what I already have?
  2. How and where to store it the rest of the year?

Number two is by far the more pressing problem — as you’ll soon discover.

Those problems don’t impede me from window shopping, however! There’s always fresh ideas and new trends for holiday decorating.

Farmhouse Chic Decor 

Everywhere I look is farmhouse-inspired decor and tableware.

Last month I took you Favorite Halloween and Fall Decor Shopping. While there, I saw lots of gray hues, white enamelware, aged tin, and whitewash finishes on display.

But those gray pumpkins? People seemed to love ’em or hate ’em.

I was tempted by all the charming enamelware, like the pie carrier pictured above. A lovely way to bring a pie to a Thanksgiving gathering, and leave behind as a thank you gift. Wouldn’t you like one?

Here’s a companion enamelware piece, although I’m not sure what it is? It was located in the faux greens and floral section of the store.


You’d need a place to hang it. Thoughts ladies?

Vintage Reproductions

Olde Allegheny also had a number of chocolate mold reproductions. Although I’d prefer an authentic vintage mold, I did buy this small turkey to display in the kitchen.


Much as I like the big guy below, there is no room at my house for this wonderful turkey statue.


He’d look fabulous on a front porch decorated with fall blooms and foliage. The heavy statue was part of a collection that included turkeys and pumpkins in various shapes and sizes.


Did you notice the faux candles in the picture? I reached for two — until sticker shock changed my mind!

Warning: Distractions Abound!

Olde Allegheny is primarily a furniture store with decorator accessories. I love this tall mirror!


Even after a month of racking my brain, I’ve not resolved where to put it. Still working the problem…

Don’t Forget Hostess Gifts

Trax Farms always has a lot of charming farmhouse decor and tableware. Although I refrained from purchasing any Thanksgiving decorations, I did bring home a few hostess gifts. Unfortunately, I can’t show you or it will ruin the surprise for Sister B in Charleston.


Tin-finish turkey food markers and matching votive candle holders would look great on a Thanksgiving buffet.


Trax also had fun fall and Thanksgiving theme garden stakes. Too sharp and heavy to carry on an airplane, so don’t count on one dear sister!


The black and white check pumpkin stake was particularly tempting. Can you spot it in the picture above?

For Christmas decorating ideas and temptations at Olde Allegheny, see Previewing Favorite Christmas Shop Kicks Off Season.


Or, Visit Trax Farms at Christmastime.


Hmm, I seem to have fallen down the shopping rabbit hole, LOL! Time to show you where I store tableware and holiday decor.

How to Store Holiday Decorations

First, I need to come clean and confess that I have no magical or miracle revelations on how to create more space than you already have. This is more of a show and tell of how I manage the problem — by organizing as efficiently as I can.

Use Attic Space

Our attic was not designed to be weight-bearing. Dear husband had to create a pseudo-floor by laying down pieces of plywood. He also added nails and hooks for hanging wreaths and bags in the rafters. Only fall, Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decorations go up in the attic.

My eldest son’s old bedroom serves as a staging area to organize, pack and store holiday decorations. It’s convenient to the attic access, with lots of open floor space.


This represents about 3/4’s of the fall season decorations stored in the attic. Due to temperature fluctuations, there are also a number of items that can’t be stored there.

There’s room for a large folding work table to repair and refresh decorations in the bedroom too. I also wrap Christmas presents there.

Holiday Color-Coded Containers & Bags 

To help my husband see what to bring down from the attic, I use color-coded containers and bags. So, Halloween is black and orange.

Orange leaf bags hold large, but lightweight items — like a trio of ghosts featured in Retro Green Ghost Game Night.

Thanksgiving-specific decorations are in clear or opaque plastic containers with orange handles. To store decorations for Christmas, everything is obviously in red and green.

All but a few boxes are small to mid-sized. That’s because they need to be passed to and from the relatively small attic opening via a ladder.


This large container is the exception, and awkward to handle on a ladder. But, it’s necessary to hold tall but lightweight Halloween pieces — like the trio of mummies in Haunted Halloween Hallows Tablescape.

Create a Packing List

Each container has a contents list; a huge time-saver! Once all the attic holiday decorations are moved back upstairs, I use the list to efficiently pack-up. Without it, would like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without a picture for reference.


For each holiday, I also keep a master list of the number and types of containers, boxes, and bags stored in the attic. Then, I snap a digital photo of the lists, as they sit on top of open containers — for future reference.


Here’s what the same bedroom looks like with all Christmas decorations down from the attic. Yes Virginia, I have a holiday decorating addiction! How about you?

Use Available Cabinet Space

While we’re in my son’s bedroom, here’s where Byers Choice Carolers and Kindles are carefully stored.


Originally a TV cabinet, we moved it upstairs from the family room. Three large drawers hold eldest son’s childhood keepsakes. That’s because there’s no space for such things in his Manhattan condo.


When the kitchen was remodeled and expanded, the laundry room was moved upstairs (see Remodeled Kitchen Design & Layout Tour). Some of the original kitchen cabinets were re-purposed for the laundry.

Upper cabinets store holiday decorations like nutcrackers, crystal snowmen, music boxes, and other fragile or vintage keepsakes.

Use Available Closet Space

Both sons’ old bedrooms have spacious closet space now that the nest is empty. R’s room has a walk-in closet with one shelf holding tall holiday decorations. That includes vintage Christmas pieces and a pair of feather trees featured in Decorating for Christmas with a Peacock Theme.


Under Beds Too!

All the beds in my house have dust ruffles — the better to hide stuff!


My four-poster bed sits extra high off the floor. Perfect to store holiday decorations like this 48-inch wreath box.

Below Decks Too

My husband finished the basement many years ago, dividing the space into different areas. Between the steps and garage wall is a walk-in, cedar-lined closet.

Originally, I used this space only for clothing. It still holds an antique christening gown, my wedding dress, and all those handmade outfits I told you about in Decorate with Halloween Costume Photos.


Now, I also hang tablecloths and runners in the cedar closet. Wide, padded hangers help to reduce wrinkles and creases.


Here’s a hanger with the spiderweb tablecloth from Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape.

Downstairs Work Room

Hubby also created a work, craft room. A couple of years ago, we squeezed in a 1960’s china found at a resale shop. This is where I store seasonal tableware that doesn’t fit in the upstairs kitchen cabinets.


In two of the bottom drawers, I store holiday decorations and tableware accessories like napkin rings. Wide spools of ribbon for crafting are in the bottom drawer.


The two-door cabinet is good for holding large platters, bowls and heavy chargers. I also store several tall holiday decorations like those seen in Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece for Easter.


More storage areas are located on either side of the china. A floor to ceiling shelving unit holds paper crafting materials and art supplies for making holiday decorations and cards.


My husband left one wall open for easy access to gas and water lines. He created a closet-like enclosure with removable shelves to hold paint cans and ski boots around them. I added the cloth shower curtain to hide them from view.

Here’s a split-screen look.


The ceiling was also left exposed in the entire room for utility access. We take advantage of that space too, by storing skis and poles overhead.


Additionally, I store holiday decorations (mostly wreaths) by hanging them on a pegboard. Three different size hangers are easy to move around. Dry cleaning bags keep decorations from collecting dust.

Finally, a long shelf above the worktable holds mainly tabletop decorations. Recognize the monsters from Decorate with Halloween Costume Photos, Artwork? Or the Quick and Easy Lucky Leprechaun Centerpiece?


I hope this satisfies any curiosity you may have had on where I store holiday decorations and crafting supplies?

No eureka storage solutions, but some ideas on how to organize your own stash. Or, perhaps to make extra space for new holiday decorations, LOL!

Do you have storage tips to share?



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