Right before heading out-of-town for an extended St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I visited a couple favorite local places to see what’s new in spring decor.


If you are a regular reader of Debbee’s Buzz, you know I already have a ton of holiday and seasonal decor and tableware.

Not only is storage space in critical supply, but so is display space. I’m nearly at the point that if I buy or make something, well then something else really needs to bee parted with. Easier than it sounds!

I came home from the stores empty handed; deciding to weigh on a few items while on the car ride to and from NYC and Philadelphia.

But, I thought you might like to do a little virtual shopping with me; for your own Easter and spring decor ideas and inspiration.

I have no affiliation with either Old Allegheny Shoppe or Trax Farms, but I do use affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission that helps to offset website operating costs, with no additional cost to you. Your support is appreciated! Disclosure Policy.

First Stop: Old Allegheny Shoppe


So much of my spring decor and faux greenery have come for Old Allegheny, a country home furnishing and accessory store.  As was true the last couple of years, I saw a lot of farmhouse tin; including this rabbit tray filled with battery-operated candles.

Farmhouse Fun Spring Decor

Much of the furnishing, accessories and seasonal decorations had much the same feel as on my recent visit. Enamelware also continues to be popular at Old Allegheny.


Isn’t the enamelware tray with the beehive on the back of the bike cute? No wonder I was all-a-buzz!  Adorable new black and white bunnies also tugged at my heart — but there is already an overpopulation of rabbits at my house!

Join me for an Easter Home Decor Tour Monday, April 8th, when I’ll be joining the Hop into Easter party linkup with 30 other bloggers. Here’s a sneak peek of many of the decor items that came from Old Allegheny.

And, what’s the deal with natural cotton everywhere these days? I guess it’s part of that down-on-the-farm charm that’s a little too country a look for my own home.


Last year, while Perusing Spring Open House at Old Allegheny Shop, I reminisced how the chocolate mold reproductions reminded me of my grandmother making candy for Easter. There were more of the same at the store this year.

See Vintage Easter Table with Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece for the faux bunnies I’ve collected from the shop.

Down the Bunny Trail

Another reminder of my childhood was this large tea-stained rabbit. The Velveteen Rabbit story came to mind, with all his fur loved off. Wish I had a spot to display him —. I circled back three times!


There’s always a bumper crop of bunnies mixed with spring decor this time of year.


And, burlap eggs and carrots. Lots of neutrals in both Easter and spring decor.


Vintage style, seasonal candles, soaps and scents are always in abundance at the store.


Large tin cups held rabbits and peeps. Each would look perfect in a farmhouse-style vignette.


And, it wouldn’t feel like spring without forsythia and daffodils — even if they were artificial.


My Easter Home Decor Tour includes many decorative items and greenery I’ve collected from Old Allegheny over the years.

Second Stop: Trax Farms

Bunnies were in abundance at Trax Farms too. I was tempted to add one to Stuffed Easter Bunny Collection.


But, they weren’t what had me buzzing with spring decor inspiration — and tempting my wallet.

Bee Happy, Kind & Humble

It started with all these wonderful bee-theme sayings and signs.


Words to live by! Who doesn’t want to bee happy?


I wanted every single bee sign I saw! But, the one to the right in the picture above was my favorite. Several signs I was also able to locate for you on Amazon (links at the end of the post).


Wouldn’t the signs go great in my kitchen with all my bee-theme decor and tableware?

The very first My Favorite Things Party featured a Bee Theme; playing off of my name — as does this blog of course.

If you missed all the excitement, bee sure to check out; My Favorite Things Bee Party Gifts, Favors & Games.

More to Buzz About

So, what I’m really thinking of returning to Trax Farms to purchase are some of the bee-theme linens.


Love, love these dish towels. I plan to return with a coupon for at least the one on the bottom left. Amazon has the one on the bottom right, along with these placemats (links below).


Bee-cause linens don’t take up much storage space right?

Setting the Table

I’ve already set and photographed two new Easter tables to share with you soon. Next Wednesday’s post will feature a Vintage Easter Table with Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece. It’s part of the monthly blog hop with links to 24 other seasonal tables.

And, wait until you see the fabulous ‘new’ pink, hobnail glasses I found at a resale shop for Darling Bunny Hop Table Celebrates Spring!




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