For Valentines Day this year, I’ve styled a sweetheart table that’s decorated with classic symbols of the holiday — red hearts and roses.

Accompanying the table setting is a queenly centerpiece with a beautifully decorated chandelier overhead.

I’ve carried the theme to the nearby kitchen island, with a coordinating topiary and individual place settings on the bar.

There’s even a heart-shaped wreath hanging on the door.

And what’s a sweetheart table without napkins folded in the shape of a heart? Because not only am I ever the Queen of Theme and Debbee, but also of Hearts this Valentine’s Day, lol!

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Sweet Tablescapes Kick Off New Year


Welcome to the first tablescape hop of 2021! Once again, Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate, has gathered together a group of enthusiastic bloggers to share Valentines Day table stylings. See links to all 21 at the end of this post.

A special hello to those visiting Debbees Buzz from Barbara’s beautiful Valentines Day setting — mixing red with copper —at Mantle and Table.

Royal Centerpiece

Defining my tablescape theme is the Queen of Hearts. It wasn’t until after pulling the figure out of storage, that I had an eureka moment for styling a “new” Valentines Day setting. Originally I made her highness, Alice and the Mad Hatter as centerpieces and party decor for my milestone Unbirthday Party.


Although I sold the others, the Queen of Hearts — respondent in her red gown and ornaments — is repurposed as Valentines Day decor. See how I made her in, Creating Alice in Wonderland Character Dolls.


And although I’ve also kept my Queen of Hearts fascinator, I won’t be wearing it for dinner with Mr. Buzz, lol! Learn How to Make a Mad Hatter Fascinator and feel free to crown yourself.

Sweetheart Table Fit for a Queen

Underneath her majesty is a red liner and translucent white, cloth tablecloth.

Next, I pulled out one of the table runners also made to decorate Alice in Wonderland Tables and Alfresco Unbirthday Party Tables. They are in reference to the chess game played in the story. I also like how the black coordinates with all the decor accents in my Remodeled Kitchen Design; like the painted chairs.

And, in honor of Valentines Day, the Queen has already ordered all the white roses painted red. Representing her royal garden, is a piece of red rose felt “ribbon” running down the center of the table.


Finally, I added heart-shape, quilted placemats (Kohl’s) at each of four settings. I’ve also used them on the Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table — my very favorite Valentines Day setting.

Royal Tableware


Some of the same vintage etched stemware is also incorporated into the sweetheart table.

Perfect for a royal garden party are Libbey Rose Classic pattern glasses. decorated with roses and metallic gold bows.

It would have been fun to pair them with DIY Hand Painted Glasses of the Queen of Hearts.

But, I only have one of the goblets, which I kept from my Unbirthday Party. Each guest received one character glass as part of the Alice in Wonderland Table and Party Favors.

Red-handle flatware flank white dinner plates. The rim of each dish is embossed with a basket weave pattern, leaves, flowers and strawberries. On Valentines Day, I’ll be serving large chocolate-dipped strawberries with dessert.


You might also recognize the Mikassa English Countryside pattern dishes from A Tweet Tablescape to Welcome Spring and HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert? They are my go-to white plates for styling tables.


Centered on each white plate is a napkin folded in the shape of a heart. It mimics the underlying placemat.

None of the linens, flatware, dishes, glasses or decorations are new this year. With the virus raging, I decided (for the second year in a row), to use the tableware I already have to style a sweetheart table. Although I’d love to hit my favorite stores, boutiques and resale shops, I also have to contend with a lack of storage space for anything new. That’s where napkin folds can help to decorate a table.


Heart-Shape Napkins

I could have folded the royal red napkins into easy rose shapes, as I did for the In the Pink Valentines Day Table and Wonderland theme party.

But, they would have been too small, and lost on the dinner plates. Besides, this was a Queen of Hearts inspired sweetheart table!

Of all the Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions I previously incorporated into table settings, none were of a heart.

So, I searched online for napkin folding tutorials. As I shared recently in, 20 Sweet Valentines Day Ideas , I tried several different techniques with varying levels of success.

Napkin Folding: 3 Ways to Fold a Napkin Heart offers different approaches and looks. I struggled with the first method, and recommend the third for the more angular look pictured below. Note that the outcome of any napkin fold also depends on the size, dimensions and stiffness of the fabric.


In the end, I preferred the soft draped look of the second method. It worked well with both the stiffer raspberry pink and silky red fabrics. Both napkins I used were either 14 or 12-inch square.


Now the heart shape becomes the latest of 20 different folds I’ve added to my table styling repertoire over the last couple of years. Don’t you think it would also work well for an anniversary celebration, bridal shower or wedding?

Helpful Heart Folding Directions

The video incredibly fast, with no narration. So, I created a fully-illustrated, step-by-step tutorial at, Fold a Heart-Shape Napkin for Valentines Day.

By the way, I made the red napkins from a 50 by 70 inch tablecloth bought on clearance sale last year. For the cost of two napkins, I made 12! A blogging friend suggested using cloths in sizes that no long fit tables in your home. Another idea is to repurpose stained clothes into napkins.

Four of the napkins took advantage of the already finished corners of the tablecloth. That meant two of four edges were already finished. Another eight had one finished edge — all saving sewing time. Just remember to add another half to full inch of fabric for each unfinished edge of the napkin before you cut.

Hanging Rose Garden

As an extension of the Queen of Hearts centerpiece, I’ve decorated the chandelier as a hanging garden where the roses have already been painted red.


It was a quick and easy transformation with materials I already had from past Valentines and Wonderland party decorations.

Before setting the sweetheart table below, I first draped a garland of greenery equally across the six arms of the light fixture.


Next, two large bows made of wired, harlequin print ribbon were attached (using pipe cleaners) into the upper middle of the chandelier. Then, I tied simple bows to each arm of a thinner ribbon in the same pattern.

Both ribbons match the checkerboard design in the table runner below.


Faux red roses were tucked into the greenery surrounding the fixture, representing the Queen’s royal garden.


Did you know roses from Ecuador have larger buds and blooms, and longer thicker stems than those grown in Holland, Colombia or Africa? It’s likely because of their longer growing season in the high altitudes of the Andes.

Over the past 30 years, roses have helped to revitalize Ecuador’s economy.

Hubby and I learned this while on a Hacienda Vacation. Roses were in huge arrangements all over the estate. And on one afternoon after horseback riding, I enjoyed a luxurious bubble bath with hundreds of rose petals. Queen of Roses too lol!

Hearts Dangle From Above

Finally, red heart-shape mini wreaths and ornaments were hung from the chandelier and greenery. You can also see them in Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments and Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine.


I combined all of the ornaments to decorate the single kitchen fixture. Most years, I’ve spread the decorations across both chandeliers. But since we’ll soon be blocking access to the dining room with the puppy’s crate, I decided to go all in on just the one.

Key to Queen’s Heart

Oh, and since dear hubby holds the key to this queen’s heart, I hung one from the chandelier over his place setting.


I wonder if he’ll notice the symbolism?


Likely not! Doesn’t matter, this queen’s heart has a real soft spot for Mr. Buzz.

See how I easily transitioned the decorated chandelier and incorporated the black and white checks into a St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting.

Garden & Sweetheart Table Extends Into Kitchen

I’ve extended the Queen’s romantic garden setting into the kitchen, with a decorated topiary on the island. Normally in the master bedroom, the ivy tower is topped by a royal fleur de lis.


For Valentines Day, I just wrapped the ivy with ribbon and added more of the heart-shape ornaments. These are embossed with roses too. I love when little details carry out a theme!


A Fanciful Alice in Wonderland Wreath hanging in the kitchen also incorporates the hearts and roses Valentine’s theme and includes another harlequin print bow. Yeah I know ladies, I’m a little obsessive about the whole theme “thing” lol!

Puppy Love Accommodations

Although I’ve set the sweetheart table for four, it’ll only be hubby and I enjoying Valentines Day meals together. But, there will also be puppy love this year! In just a couple of days, we bring home, Glenfiddich “Whiskey”, a Scottish Highland Terrier.


That requires a bit of puppy proofing to be made. Whiskey will be safely confined to the kitchen area with it’s tile floor. However, I don’t want him enticed to jump up, bite or pull on a dangling tablecloth.

See, Preparing for a Puppy: Favorite Dog Supplies & Toys.

So, I’ve already put the tablecloth and liner away, and moved three place settings to the kitchen island. Hubby and I will use the bar settings and counter height stools for breakfast and lunch through Valentines Day.

After folding the runner in half, I’ve replaced it and the Queen back on the round, glass table. Only two of the four place settings are now on the sweetheart table.

Happily, I have enough for eight settings of the heart placemats, flatware and dinner plates — and plenty of red napkins — when we can entertain again.


Dear hubby and I will continue to enjoy intimate dinners together at the sweetheart table this February — with a puppy safely underfoot!

Valentines Tablescape Hop

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Right now the snow is falling and there is a heavy blanket of it covering the ground. Although it may be cold and blustery, the Queen will preside over warm hearts at my intimate sweetheart table.


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