After over four and a half years of blogging, I’ve shared a wide selection of seasonal tables, napkin folds, decorations, wreaths, crafts, and activities that welcome spring and celebrate Easter.

Here in Pittsburgh, spring seldom really arrives before mid to late April. Even then, we’ve been known to have the occasional snowfall! There’s nothing worse than having to bundle up in a winter coat to go to church on Palm Sunday or Easter. And, since the holiday can occur between March 22 and April 25, there can be years we’ve barely finished enjoying Easy, Hearty Irish Stew for St. Patrick’s Day, before its time to regroup for Easter.

But this year, they are predicting warm weather for Easter, and the forsythia, bulbs, and flowering trees will be in blooming.

Today, I’ve assembled a roundup of 12 ways to celebrate Easter and change of seasons — all in one place! Simply click on a photo or title to see each post or DIY tutorial in their entirety.

Hoping one or more will inspire you!

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Change in Easter Plans


Hubby and I had anticipated spending Easter this year on a 12-day vacation to the Netherlands during the height of Holland’s tulip season. We had booked the trip after getting our second COVID vaccine and felt optimistic the pandemic would be well in hand by April 2022.

But by December — when the bulk of the trip cost was due in full — omicron had appeared, and the Netherlands were in total lockdown. By then we were also boosted, but no one knew how effective the vaccines would be against the new variant. So, we regrettably cancelled the trip. The happy news is that we were able to rebook the Holland river cruise for next April.

Decorating the Home for Spring

Since it will be just hubby and myself celebrating together at home, I’ve set the table and decorated the house as done in previous years. Rather than reimaging these decorative displays and table settings, I’ve decided to recreate them; selecting from my existing seasonal collections.

Create a Seasonal Basket Vignette

Start by taking my Easter Home Decor Tour to see a variety of vignettes, tablescapes, and spring seasonal decorations.

You’ll see a number of basket displays built around one or more rabbit figures, using faux florals, greenery, and seasonal accents.

Although this year I’ve decided to recreate several past favorites, other times I like to reimagine basket displays. I usually start by laying out all the figures, florals and baskets on a large work table. Then, I play with the arrangements until I’m satisfied. Although I typically don’t add ribbons or bows, that’s certainly an option to consider when styling your own basket vignette.

Display a Collection

Super quick and easy to setup and display is my Darling Vintage Style Stuffed Easter Bunny Collection.

I simply set the fluffle up on the family room fireplace mantle, or on the triple dresser in one of the bedrooms. That also keeps the rabbits safely out of harms way from my Scottie Dog, who loves to play shake-and-kill with his stuffed animal toys.

Much more delicate and fragile to display, is my collection of Beatrix Potter characters made by Beswick China. When I was an adolescent, my parents began giving me a storybook figurine every Easter.

Lady Mouse was my first figure and is still my favorite (shown in the upper left-hand corner above). See them all in Peter Rabbit & Friends Beatrix Potter Figurine Collection.

After my sons were born, I displayed the figurines with books in the nursery. Before I began displaying them again at Eastertime, the figurines were packed away for many years. Each year, I usually pair or group several of the little Beatrix Potter books with characters depicted on the cover or illustrated inside.


Several years ago, I was inspired to style a Beatrix Potter Easter Hunt in Mr. McGregor’s Garden. The figurines were incorporated into the table length centerpiece. Of the dozens of tablescapes I’ve created over the years, it remains my all-time favorite.

Bring out Favorite Children’s Books

Speaking of Beatrix Potter stories, I also pull out a number of favorite children’s books for easy reading access. Most of the rabbit stories were tucked in our sons’ Easter baskets, but some are also from my childhood.


Usually the books are fanned out on the glass cocktail table in the living room, or placed in a floor basket adjacent to a cozy chair or bed.

Up in one of the boys’ old bedrooms, I’ve saved about 100 of their childhood books. So, I also pull out seasonal titles at Christmastime, and even for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Display Kids Art & Crafts

Of all the seasonal decor around my home, most heartwarming are the arts, crafts and cards made by my boys when they were young.


Tissue paper forsythia, cotton ball embellished lambs, and construction paper flowers are among the childhood artwork hung on the wall in the basement hallway. There, I rotate the boys’ creations seasonally.

Learn How to Create a Kid Keepsakes Gallery yourself, using art from kids and grandchildren.

Frame Seasonal Family Photos

Another thing I rotate seasonally, are family photos. For the spring, most are pictures of the boys in their holiday finery, or dying and hunting for Easter eggs.

I also am lucky to have a few vintage photographs of my sisters and I wearing Easter dresses and coats my mother made. I love the hats, little purses, white gloves and ruffled socks with patent leather shoes!

Nothing better than photos that conjure happy memories of the people you love! I rotate them for display in the family room on the bookcase and baker’s rack.

Craft a Wreath or Door Decor

For most holidays and seasons, I have several different wreaths or wall hangings decorating the house. One always hangs on the front door, with another on an interior door in the kitchen.

One of my all-time favorite door decorations or wreaths is this Charming Watering Can Wreath Project for Spring. The frame was an unexpected find at a local craft shop.

I usually hang the watering can the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Because April showers bring May flowers, right? Plus the tulips and daffodils do double-duty for Easter.


This Adorable DIY Moss Bunny Wreath with Basket of Flowers hangs in the kitchen. An easy project, the rabbit form was another serendipitous discovery (Marshall’s).

Sometimes, you can find a readymade wreath at Home Goods or other discounter, and then dress it up a little by simply adding a bow. Or enhance it further by adding additional florals, a sign or other accents. I’ve done that in the past with a simple forsythia wreath.

For other spring seasonal wreath ideas and DIY tutorials, check out; Bee Wreath Decorations and Ladybug Mesh Wreath Welcomes Spring which also transition well to summer.

Shop for Ideas & Seasonal Accents

One way I find inspiration for decorations, table settings and craft projects is to go browsing at some of my favorite places to see what’s new for the season. Sometimes I end up just enjoying window shopping for ideas.

Other times I scoop up an item I just have-to-have! Like these calorie-free, faux Chocolate Rabbits that I’ve used in Easter vignettes and centerpieces. I did show some restraint; collecting the six bunnies over three years.

Old Allegheny and Trax are also were I found all the stuffed rabbits displayed on my mantle earlier.


Other than chains, discounters, and craft stores, I like to Peruse Spring Open House at Old Allegheny, look for Easter Hunt Finds at Trax Farm, and visit other one-of-a-kind gift shops and florists. Probably, you have your own local favorites?

I’ve taken you with me to several locations during different seasons to shop for seasonal gifts, decor, and tableware. Sometimes, I’ll return to pick up items after they go on clearance sale, and tuck them away to display the following year.

Visit a Flower Show & Nurseries

Another must-do every spring, is a visit to fabulous Phipps Conservatory for it’s annual Spring Flower Show. Hubby and I like to go in March — as soon as it begins. That helps to ward off the winter blues, as it’s usually still cold with grey skies here in Pittsburgh.

Other places we frequent include the annual Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, as well as local nurseries as it gets warmer outside.

That’s particularly true this year, as we hope to undertake up to four major projects that have been delayed by the pandemic because of unavailable labor and/or supply chain issues. One is a makeover of our front landscaping. We also plan to replace the sidewalk and front pad, as well as add a roof over the front door.

Last year, I couldn’t get a single landscaper out to even put together a bid!

I’ve been so busy with those projects, I haven’t had time to create a post. However, I do plan to share before and after photos in the months ahead.

Set a Tweet Table

Previously, I’ve shared two different bird theme spring tables. One was a casual setting for four in the kitchen. The other was a dinner party for six in the dining room. Both incorporate favorite white bird plates (Home Goods).

There are four styles of Grace’s Teaware dishes, and I hunted across several stores over two years to find two of each!

Here’s one bird dish ready to hold a spring salad. It’s layered over a white embossed dinner plate and woodcut charger in, A Tweet Tablescape to Welcome Spring.

The centerpiece is a vignette of small birdcages, nests, birds and faux forsythia. Small bird nest floral picks (Michaels) were easily transformed into napkin rings to carry the theme.

Later, those sculptural bird plates were incorporated into a Tweet Turquoise Early Spring Table. But the star of that plate stack were beautiful, scalloped animal and spring flower plates (Anthropologie, retired). I have four styles, including the pair of owls pictured above, plus a deer, raccoon and fox.

The color in the plates allowed me to incorporate much of my turquoise color tableware; including glasses, table runner and napkins from the Exotic Peacock Tablescape. It’s a table styling I set in both the spring and early summer.

Use Seasonal Decor to Create a Centerpiece

To celebrate Easter last year, I styled a centerpiece around this leaping rabbit sculpture for the Sweet Rustic Rabbit Table. Previously, the rabbit was incorporated into a large basket vignette.

Another holiday table that incorporated Easter decor into the centerpiece was the Vintage Easter Table with Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece.

Although I prefer fresh flowers and greens in a centerpiece, it’s not always practical. And fresh flowers can be costly too. Plus, a faux centerpiece can decorate a table for weeks, if not an entire season!


A pair of leaping moss rabbit topiaries were the basis of a simple centerpiece for the Darling Bunny Hop Table Celebrates Easter and Spring.

Recognize those faux chocolate rabbits in the centerpiece? However, the chocolate favors at each setting are the real deal!

I set the table with vintage sterling flatware, etched crystal and tablecloth, along with my wedding china. To celebrate Easter, the only holiday-specific tableware I used were the pink salad/dessert plate decorated with bunnies. Easier on the budget and to store than a complete set of dishes!

Note: nearly all my Easter tableware and linens were bought on a post-holiday clearance sale, or at a discounter like Home Goods or Tuesday Morning.

Another less costly option is to use paper plates. That’s especially a good idea if you’re serving a crowd buffet style, or for young children.

Cupcakes Celebrate Easter

Looking for an easy way to style an Easter table without using any specialty tableware? Use a holiday dessert! It can be homemade or store bought.

Although I used specialty rabbit cupcake stands to elevate and display my bunny bottoms-up cupcakes, you could simply set them in the middle of a plate. I also embellished the cupcakes by putting them in cute little white picket fence wrappers. Home Goods and other discounters usually sell decorating kits to dress up basic homemade cupcakes.

Other times, I’ve put a rabbit-shaped cake (covered with coconut) on a pink vintage cake plate and used it as a centerpiece.

Another option is to put together Easter favors like chocolate bunnies or gift bags.

Voila! Festive Easter table, without holiday-specific or specialty linens or tableware.

Fold Napkins into Clever Shapes

Yet another way to style an Easter table, is to fold napkins into seasonal or clever shapes. Over the past few years, I’ve used napkin folds to carry a table theme or restyle an existing setting without purchasing anything new. See Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions for the 19 I’ve tried so far.

Pictured above is a very simple rabbit ear fold. No napkin ring is needed, just a piece of ribbon. I’ve tucked faux chocolate eggs in the center, but most people use real Easter eggs.

Unique to my styling, is standing the rabbit ears in a glass. More often, the rabbit ear fold and egg lay on the center of a plate.

Taking just a bit of practice, is the standing bunny napkin fold. Like the rabbit ears, all that’s needed is a piece of ribbon to hold it’s shape. I’ve set them tail-side facing guests in the middle of a place stack.

They also look darling in a mix of fabric colors and prints for a fluffle of bunnies on an Easter buffet.

More challenging, is the 12-petal, Pretty Flower Napkin Fold Tutorial. It holds it’s shape by sitting in a glass, and is lovely on any spring table setting.

Playing Catchup

I had hoped to post this holiday idea recap weeks ago, but have been otherwise occupied of late. Most of it the result of being pent-up for over two years of living COVID.

There’s those home improvement and garden projects. Plus some interior updates to replace the family room carpet and reupholster the couch. Finding service providers and supply chain holdups has made it all very time-consuming and frustrating. For instance, the carpet finally came in three weeks ago, but I’m still waiting for the installer to even put us on the schedule!

I’ve also gotten back to the gym twice weekly, after a two-year hiatus. And, I’ve been working on two time-intensive craft projects that won’t be completed (or sharable) until the holidays.

Family Fun in Charleston

Recently, I returned home from a long overdue trip to Charleston visiting family. Can’t believe I hadn’t been there since my niece’s Wedding! Hubby stayed home and held down the fort (and contractors!) with Whiskey.

It was great seeing my mom’s new seniors abode on Market Street, where horse-drawn carriages pass by every few minutes. We had fun riding in a pedal taxi down King Street for lunch at a darling French cafe. I also got to see both my niece and nephew’s recently purchased homes on James Island. They hosted a family get together, where we hopped from one place to the next for drinks and snacks.

I stayed at Sistah B’s waterfront home on Folly Beach. It was wonderful getting to spend so much sister time together; including a dinner and theater performance in Charleston.

My brother-in-law, M, also took us out in the new boat to watch nearly two dozen dolphins play in the waters near the old lighthouse. And, I twice spotted a giant bald eagle hanging out and flying around the back of their house. Awesome!

Another day, we headed across the Ravenel Bridge to find an historic marker noting the large plantation that belonged to M’s ancestors. Several years ago — as part of my ongoing genealogy hobby — I discovered his very deep Charleston roots. M is a descendent of the very first royal governor of SC. He’s not just a newcomer Yankee after all lol! And, I was thrilled to see the fruits of my research firsthand.

For Sistah B’s birthday, we road the new, road-worthy golf cart for brunch at the Lost Dog. Then, we picked up mom and headed to a sailboat regatta. Later that afternoon, the “kids” came over for a fun birthday party and dinner.

Planning Trips & Vacations

Lastly, hubby and I have been happily busy planning summer visits with family, as well as two overseas vacations. This will be the second time we’ve had to reschedule a trip to Ireland. Hopefully, the third time will be a charm! After our trip to Holland was pushed back a year, we somewhat spontaneously decided to take a summer river cruise through Provence, France. Ooh la la!

Wishing you a most happy Easter!


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