DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath

DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath

Learn How to Create a Vibrant Halloween Wreath

Trick or Treat door wreath
In Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath, I explained how to create a deco mesh style wreath called, Eye of Newt. Today’s post illustrates and explains how to tweak that process to create a second Trick or Treat design. I hope both designs provide inspiration for your own Halloween wreath creations.

The seven step approach can be easily applied or modified for any holiday or seasonal wreath. If needed, please refer to the previous post for more detailed instructions on some of the basic, general steps. Let’s apply those steps to this second design with a few options and modifications along the way. (more…)

Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath

Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath

Crafting an Eye of Newt Halloween Wreath

This year, after having repainted the front door black, I decided it needed a new Halloween wreath with a lot of color.


I love decorating my home for Halloween.

After crafting three bee-themed wreaths to decorate my home for a French Queen Bee Favored Things Party, I decided to conjure up something using the same deco mesh techniques.

Follow along with my seven-step process that includes helpful, illustrative photographs of how it’s done. Come in my pretties… (more…)

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